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Even though humans blame for getting too many TikTok notifications, replying to a comment with a video feature will without a doubt bring greater fun to TikTok. Want to present a reply to Top-rated TikTok Comments with a video function a try? Follow us and get commenced!

How to Reply to a Comment with a Video on TikTok

There are approaches to reply to a remark with a video on TikTok. The first approach permits anyone to peer your video response, and the alternative way stocks your video reply to the only one who left a remark simplest.

Method 1. Reply to a Comment with a Video that Everyone Can See on TikTok


1. This is the maximum recommended way to answer Top-rated TikTok Comments with movies on TikTok.

2. Though this way, your video may be seen now not most effective in the comment segment, but also in your video section. Your video reply and different everyday films are alike.

3. To be capable of replying to a comment with a video in this way, please replace your TikTok with the trendy version.

  • Step 1 Find the comment you want to reply to with a video on TikTok, click on it.
  • Step 2 Click on the pink video icon to your left.
  • Step 3 Film your video comment as traditional. Make edits if you like.
  • Step 4 Post it. TikTok will tag to who you respond robotically.

Go on your profile web page, you could see a comment with a white rectangular on considered one of your films. That’s your reply video. Click on the white square, a See Comments choice will seem. Tap on it, it’ll convey you to the original content. Easy way to buy tiktok followers from Famoid.

Method 2. More Private Way to Reply to a Comment with a Video on TikTok

If you need simplest the individuals who left the remark to see your video reply, you can make a non-public video link through TikTok direct messaging. Here is how.

  • Step 1 Create a TikTok as typical.
  • Step 2 Click on this video’s Share icon and go to Who Can View This Video > Private.
  • Step three Click on the Share icon once more, and tap on “Copy Link”. Now, the hyperlink to the private video is copied.
  • Step 4 Find the humans you want to answer, visit his profile page.
  • Step 5 Click on the three vertical dots icon right subsequent to the Following button. Tap on it, and select Message.
  • Step 6 Paste the non-public video’s hyperlink to the chatbox and ship.

The Bottom Line

That’s eager about a way to respond to a remark with a video on TikTok. If you locate it helpful, please do proportion this put up with others. Which approach do you prefer? Let us know through Facebook.

As a TikTok content author, you may have experienced instances wherein someone left an annoying touch on your video. Perhaps they disagreed with it, or maybe it become just misinterpreted. One manner to remedy a false impression is to reply to the comment via video.

TikTok lets you respond to comments left for your movies with another video. Read more to discover ways to use this selection from either your mobile tool or the BlueStacks Android emulator thru your PC.

On the “Post” web page, you’ll both see “Reply to” or “Answer to,” depending on whether or not the remark became posted as every day or query remark. You’ll additionally see the commenter’s username. Once your video is posted, viewers can hit that part of your caption to view the touch on the original video.

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