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How to View Instagram Without an Account in 2022

Instagram is a wonderful social media platform. This little app on your mobile allows you to communicate with people around the globe.

You can see images and videos on it. In addition, it aids in developing a connection with your audience. 

To get high-quality Instagram views, all you need is a unique username and engaging content. You may showcase your talent through reels and tales.

 Instagram is being used by many people as a source of revenue and a career, not only as a leisure app.

While Instagram is adored by many, it can also be time-consuming for some. Even if you don’t use Instagram, there are probably instances when you’d like to see someone’s profile or story.

You might occasionally want to view Instagram stories in private. How can I examine other people’s images secretly? 

A viewer for Instagram is available. You can browse Instagram stories without an account using one of the four Instagram viewers provided in this post.

View instagram without an account:

  • If you’ve tried to view someone’s profile on the official Instagram website, you know it’s useless. 
  • All you will see is a login page that requests your username or phone number. You can still access Instagram without creating an account, though.
  • You should keep in mind that using any of these ways will only allow you to browse public accounts. With these techniques, a private account cannot be viewed.
  • Using the Instagram website, view Instagram without creating an account
  • Use of the official Instagram website is the first way to browse Instagram without a user account. It is a simple process, and no account is necessary.
  • You must sign in with your Instagram account whether you’re using the Instagram app or the website.
  • Particularly when your Instagram account is unintentionally disabled, it is really frustrating.
  • Is there a method to access Instagram without creating an account, then? There are, in fact, some workarounds. 
  • Utilizing an Instagram viewer is the best strategy. You may explore images, posts, videos, and stories from open Instagram accounts, and it’s really simple to use.

Process of using instagram without having account on it:

Here’s how to use the Instagram website to access Instagram without having an account:

  • Open your computer’s web browser.
  • Type the URL for the profile in the address field.
  • You can navigate through their profile by pressing Enter.
  • You can only scroll through a person’s profile, as was already indicated.
  •  Instagram will ask you to check in before letting you view an image if you click on it.

Using third-party websites, you can access Instagram without a login:

When using the official Instagram website, you can only browse profiles. The individual posts, likes, and comments cannot be seen. 

You can use third-party websites to look through a user’s individual posts. There are several options for third-party Instagram viewers.

Anon IG Viewer, ImgInn, Dumpor, and other ones are the most often used.

Before adopting this technique, you should keep a few things in mind. Only one account can be viewed at once. In order to view a profile, you must know its username.

Only a public account is viewable. This method does not allow you to view the tales. You can’t click on the post to make it larger.

The caption, likes, and comments on a post are hidden. This approach is only accessible via a web browser.

Using Third-Party Websites, View Instagram Stories Without an Account

To specifically read someone’s Instagram stories, utilise this method. To do this, you don’t need to register for an Instagram account. 

You can browse user stories on websites run by third parties. 

An incredible third-party website called Storiesdown makes it possible for you to browse Instagram stories of other users. How to utilise Storiesdown is as follows:

  • On your PC or mobile device, launch your web browser.
  • Visit Storiesdown’s official website.
  • In the search box, type the username.
  • Select the Search menu item.

View the user stories by scrolling down.

  • Finally! You can now click on them to browse their tales and scroll through their profile. If the person hasn’t uploaded any recent articles, you won’t see anything. 
  • By selecting the Download option located underneath, you can also download the stories using this technique.
  • Would you like to view Instagram without creating an account? 
  • There are a couple ways to view someone’s profile and Instagram Story if their account is public, even if you won’t have access to all Instagram features. 
  • You can learn how to access someone’s Instagram without having an account in this wikiHow article.


  • You now know how to access Instagram devoid of an user profile. There are three options available to you.
  • So, using these techniques, you can only view a public account.
  • These techniques allow you to gain access to a public account and browse the posts, likes, and profile in its entirety. 
  • The fact that some of these techniques allow you to download the posts and tales is a plus!

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