Interior Design Tips to Decorate Your Living Room

Living Room

Whether you are entertaining your guests or simply binge-watching your favourite Netflix series, the living room is where you spend most of your time at home. Isn’t it? Consider having an elegantly decorated living room to reflect your personality. However, making home decor choices can be overwhelming because of the various options available in the market. 

Here, we share a few simple home interior tips to make the decoration process easy. Keep these in mind to design a well-decorated living room. 

1. Plan Before You Begin Designing 

You may find many living room design pictures online. But nothing works without a proper design plan. Therefore, it is best to draw out your ideas first. You can use any online tool for 3D designing. Or take a pencil and paper for a rough layout. A drawing does not have to be perfect. But you must portray what you want in your living room. After that, you also have to decide the colour scheme for your living room. If you can do it yourself, great! But if you have no idea, consult a professional. 

2. Lighting

No design is complete without proper lighting. So, you have to make lighting part of your design project. If your building gets enough daylight, welcome the natural lighting with massive living room windows. If you have only one or two windows in the living room, add more mirrors and artificial lighting to brighten the interior. 

But before buying artificial lighting, you need to consider the type of atmosphere you want in your living space. If you want a more soothing and relaxed design, go for frosted bulbs with diffusing light. But if you have an extra budget, go for lighting fixtures with a dimming system to adjust the light according to your mood. 

3. Couch 

A couch is an essential furniture piece in a living room. But most of us don’t buy it the right way. Many buy a sofa depending on its fancy design, like curved arms, twisted legs, etc. However, you need to consider the primary function of a couch. And that is to offer you comfort while sitting. A comfortable sofa will automatically give a charming appeal to the interior. 

Therefore, you need to focus more on comfort. Also, check its size before ordering. You don’t want a couch that cannot fit properly into your design plan. 

4. Add a Plant to Your Living Room 

Be it small or large, including plants in a living room adds a lively appeal to the interior. After all, an element of nature is something we all need to feel more cheerful. 

Cacti are an excellent indoor plant choice, but they can hurt your skin if you accidentally touch them. So, consider other plans like bonsai, money plant, etc. If you are too busy to take care of live plants, you can add some faux plants to your living room for the same natural vibe. The best part about fake plants is that you don’t even have to set a reminder to water them. But make sure to choose faux plants that look realistic, NOT like plastic. 

5. Add Accessories but Don’t Go Overboard

Various living room accessories are easily accessible in online stores like Wheel & Barrow. But one thing to remember is never to go overboard with them. 

You don’t even have to buy accessories all the time. You can even consider DIYing at home. For instance, you can curate a family photo frame and add it to a corner table in your living room. It would look more appealing and meaningful than a store-bought item. 


So, when designing a home decor items online, begin with a design. Furthermore, consider adding the decor elements as per your preference and taste. Remember the given points to ensure you design a stylish living room that your guests envy whenever they visit.

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