iTop Screen Recorder Review 2022: The Best Tool to Screen Record On Desktop

iTop Screen Recorder
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Have you ever experienced problems when you want to record the screen and computer sound? Your problem will be solved with this one-screen recorder tool.

A screen recorder is a tool for recording content on a computer screen so that it can be watched again. The screen recording video can also be uploaded to social media, such as YouTube.

Screen recording devices are one of the mainstay weapons for various purposes. From recording online lectures, recording online meeting videos, recording movies, and recording music, to making online courses, making tutorials, and recording content to be shared with others.

Luckily we are in an era of increasingly advanced technology where screen recording software has improved significantly. One of the best online screen recorder tools that we’d like to recommend is iTop Screen Recorder. This software is straightforward to use.

You don’t need an account login. Select the screen size and audio preferences, and you can start recording the screen immediately.

How Does It Work?

This screen recorder for PC definitely makes the screen recording process easier because we only need to do some simple settings. Content creators usually use this screen recorder to make presentations or create videos to upload to YouTube. If you want a free solution to easily record your computer screen, iTop Screen Recorder is the best option to go.

You can activate the recording process with a few clicks, then save it in a specific format. You can also use this tool to record a webcam for gaming needs.

You can record and save as many videos as you want using the iTop Screen Recorder. This tool captures computer screens and sounds and then keeps them in MP4, AVI, WMV, and other formats.

iTop Screen Recorder Tutorials

As explained before, this tool is a free and popular screen recording tool for PC. Here are some steps to using the iTop Screen Recorder.

Step 1. Download and Install Software

You can download the software via the official website of iTop.

After downloading the software, find the file with the .exe extension and setup file. Double-click on the setup files to start installing the iTop Screen Recorder software.

Step 2: Open iTop Screen Recorder Software

After successfully installing, open the iTop Screen Recorder software.

Then click the Activate button, and enter the code to enjoy the premium version. To obtain this code, you have to buy it first from their site.

If you want to know how to record Zoom meeting, you just need to click the Record Screen icon. If you want to  record the particular zones of the screen, you need to set it up first.

The Select Region option will allow you to record a specific region on the PC screen. At the same time, the Window option will allow you to record with a separate window.

Step 3: Adjust Settings

You can adjust some of the features in this screen recorder, such as; Mic, Mouse, Speaker, and Webcam.

Click the mouse option to display the cursor in the record. If you want to record webcam sound and video, enable the option.

Step 4: Start Recording

Click the REC button circled in red to start recording your screen.

Step 5: Finish Recording

After you have sufficient footage, finish it up by clicking the DONE button. This step can also be done by pressing the F9 key on the computer keyboard.


That briefly explains how to record computer screens and sound using iTop Screen Recorder. Now, you can give it a go and start recording your Windows computer’s screen, sound, and webcam.


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