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Jewelry logo design

Jewelry has always been precious to us. It is a very valuable present that one can give to someone else. Jewelry helps one express affection and kinship. It improves a person’s appearance. Nearly everywhere in the world, beautiful jewelry is considered essential for every significant occasion. Jewellery is a status symbol that also signifies honor and prestige.

When purchasing jewelry, people are excited and consider reliable sources only. You must choose a logo that accurately represents your brand in the minds of your customers if you want to produce trust and excitement among consumers about your jewelry line. Regarding the jewelry industry, a logo and a brand name are crucial. It provides your brand a face and makes it easier for customers to recognize you.

A  combination of style, sophistication, and subtlety works better for a jewelry brand Logo. A carefully crafted logo conveys a brand’s personality. A professionally created logo reassures customers about your product.

Before you design a logo for your jewelry business, let’s dive into some Jewelry logo design inspiration.


Tanishq is an Indian Jewellery brand and a division of TATA company, founded in 1994.

The logo of this brand is the letter ‘T’ with the brand name Tanishq written below. A very elegant and sophisticatedly high-class font has been used to represent the logo. 

The brand name Tanishq is said to have multiple meanings. Firstly, Tanishq is a combination of TATA Tamilnadu and Nishq. Nishq means necklace or ornament in Sanskrit. Another popular meaning is, Tan + Ishq. Tan means body and ishq mean love.


Owned by Gitanjali groups, it is one of the most renowned jewelry brands in India. Founded in 2003, the brand logo is a wordmark in a catchy burgundy color that looks very prominent with a white background.


One of the most well-known brand names, Gili, is owned by the Gitanjali Group and is responsible for illuminating a billion families with their beautiful jewelry. Jewelry made of Gili diamonds is a beautiful work of art.

The brand showcases a creative logo that shows the brand name with conical structures that looks very elegant and makes the logo stand out among others.

Kalyan Jewelers

One of the most recognizable brands in the jewelry sector in India is Kalyan Jewelers. The business was started in 1993.
The business has a really inventive wordmark and geometric design for its logo. The form resembles a folded leaf pattern that mimics the name’s initial K. A extremely classy wordmark in san-serif can be seen underneath the form. The white wordmark and golden-yellow form contrast beautifully with the crimson background.


It is one of the most renowned diamond jewelry brands in India. The company was founded in the year 2000. 

The company’s logo has a geometric design that looks like a star surrounded by hexagonal elements. The brand name is utilized as a wordmark in san serif style to the right of this form. This logo’s light blue tint conveys a really warm feeling.


One of India’s most well-known jewelry brands. It still trades in diamonds and platinum in addition to gold. Because customers may purchase a huge selection of goods from the convenience of their homes, Orra Jewelry is a well-known online retailer.

The logo is creative while also being quite simple. The wordmark of the business name is displayed below the logo in a fashionable typeface that reflects the brand’s refinement. The logo features the initial letter O with another O on top of it, which resembles a ring.

Northcliffe Jewellery

The letter “N” has been drawn further to form a ring, giving the logo design a refined and elegant appearance. This logo stands out from the competition due to its black and white color scheme. 

Harry Winston

The brand name is after America’s biggest jeweler merchant ‘Harry Winston’. He founded the company in 1932. The brand has owned one of the best diamonds of its time. The logo design of this jewelry company combines a wordmark with a letter mark. Additionally, a serif font is used, adding sophistication to the design.


Hermes is a luxury design house that excels in its jewelry collection as well. Founded in 1837 by Thierry Hermès, the brand is a century old. Since the 1950s, the logo has been the same. The logo shows a duke carriage with a horse. It is clearly representing the luxury and the status it has. Bright orange against a white background draws one’s attention right away.


It is one of the most famous french jewelry brands. It was founded around 175 years ago back in 1847.

The grandeur and beauty of the Cartier insignia are overwhelming. The logo consists of a cursive wordmark with a solid edge on top of the “C” and is printed in a bold black typeface. This elegant, yet subtle script logo radiates luxury.

Tiffany & Co

Every jewelry enthusiast must have heard of this brand. It was founded in 1837, more than a century ago. 

The Tiffany logo is spotless and elegant, with a wordmark in a subtle serif font and a thin, but elegant-looking line.


Another jewelry brand is known for its luxury items. It was founded in 1964 and has branches all over the world. 

Thanks to its usage of an owl-style design, Kering’s emblem is distinctive in the jewelry sector. The sans-serif logo’s shape is meant to evoke a sense of knowledge and exploration.

Martin Katz

The Martin Katz logo, which adopts a slightly unusual approach to jewelry logo design, stands out with a unique color scheme and an attention-grabbing typography choice.

The logo is in white font on deep blue background. The logo shows the sophistication of the brand and the luxury. 


The brand logo is golden in color which represents the luxury item it provides. The golden color has been widely used when it comes to jewelry logos, it gives the logo a royal look that catches consumers’ attention right away.

Moreover, it has a big diamond figure at the top.  The Arabian-style font of the logo represents the Arabian-style jewelry this brand excels in and makes the logo stand out as well.


Pandora is a danish jewelry brand founded in 1982. The company has also gone for a  sophisticated logo design. All sans-serif capital wordmark is simple yet elegant. The letter O  has a crown over it, this minor design tweak makes the logo stand out among its competitors. 

Olivia Burton

This London-based jewelry brand excels in producing women’s jewelry. Like most of its competitors, the brand has gone for a san serif wordmark with a slight change. The logo has also a bird at the top of the wordmark that differentiates the brand’s logo from others and creates an impression on the consumer.

Anni Lu

The brand logo is a simple san serif wordmark in red color with a white background that draw one’s focus. 

It is one of the most well-known modern fashion jewelry brands today, and produces a variety of gold, silver, and glittering crystal pieces. Both celebrities and fashion icons as well as regular people frequently wear these creations.


This jewelry logo is distinctive since it depicts a cat wearing a blue and red necklace. By employing a pet cat, which is a common household pet, the designer hopes to establish a connection with the audience.


I hope the article helped you to draw inspiration from the logos of some of the most famous brands. These logo designs are well thought out and designed to communicate a brand message. The majority of these logos use a traditional, font to provide elegance and sophistication. So that the consumers can easily recognize the brand.

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