Maria Victoria Henao, the wife of Pablo Escobar, has not had a simple life since his passing

Maria Victoria Henao
Maria Victoria Henao

Because she is the spouse of a notorious drug dealer, Maria Victoria Henao is well-known throughout the world. Her husband, Pablo Escobar, is one of the most prominent drug traffickers in the world, and the general public is constantly interested in learning about his personal life.

Maria Victoria Henao: Who is she? Where Is the Wife of Pablo Escobar Now?

Pablo’s ability to play the part of a husband is undoubtedly a mystery. It is the tale of a 17-year relationship. At the time of her marriage to Escobar, Maria was still a young woman of 15 years. As a result, there are many of memories—both happy and negative.

You will have a glimpse of the couple’s connection and their mutual understanding in this piece.

Persona of Maria Victoria Henao

Maria Victoria has always had a great interest for dancing. This lovely woman, who was born in 1961, had no idea who the future love of her life would be. She is a resident of Palmira, a small community in Columbia. With the assistance of her brother, she first met Pablo when she was just 13 years old. She was familiar with the criminal underworld because her brother Carlos worked in it. He had links with numerous other crooks, including Pablo Escobar, because he was a narcotics trafficker.

Maria’s Comments About Pablo

People became more interested in Pablo’s wife’s life after his passing. When Maria Victoria Henao revealed elements of her private life to the public, the world’s intrigue was somewhat assuaged. She also authored a book named My Life with Pablo in which she elegantly recounts all the romantic times the couple shared. She claimed that Pablo went to great lengths to entice and seduce the young Maria.

Maria confirmed that Pablo was her true love and her Prince Charming. Additionally, he never missed a chance to make her feel like a princess. Escobar was the kindest man Maria had ever encountered. The main reason why her family did not approve of the marriage was because Pablo had connections to the underworld. So, the young lady made the decision to flee with her ideal partner.

About 11 years separated Pablo’s wife. She was able to become a mother at the young age of 16 because to the covert marriage, nevertheless. The small girl found it challenging to handle everything at such a young age. However, according to Maria, everything improved because of Pablo’s unwavering love.

Pablo’s Acts

The innocent girl Maria had to deal with a lot of problems as a result of Escobar’s varied deeds. Due to the past difficulties, she was not prepared to accept any support from her family. Henao, however, never gave up and stood by him all the way to the end. Without Pablo, she was aware that her existence had no purpose. She defended her husband with all of her courage, knowing that his actions were terrible. Consequently, the union endured for a considerable 17 years.

Maria was terrified for her entire family’s future after two murders. The unfortunate victims of Pablo included presidential candidate Luis Carlos Galan and Justice Minister Rodrigo Lara Bonilla. Escalo was about to have poor luck throughout his entire life when these influential persons passed away. Maria was aware of this but helpless. Finally, the loving spouse proposed that she leave with their kids and go to a secure location. Maria followed her husband’s instructions and fought valiantly to keep her kids safe. Later, Escobar was located by police, who engaged

After Pablo’s passing, Maria’s Life

Escobar’s widow was ultimately allowed to establish a residence in Argentina after changing her identity to Maria Isabel Santos Caballero. Despite their warnings, Maria and her son were detained in 1999 when a television programme disclosed their whereabouts. Once there, she and her family kept a very low profile.

Theft and money laundering were the accusations made against them. Because I’m Colombian, Argentina has imprisoned me. Because they want to demonstrate that Argentina is fighting drug trafficking, they want to put the spirit of Pablo Escobar on trial, Maria remarked.

They were both freed after 15 months because the evidence was weak. Maria has since returned to living a quiet life away from the spotlight. Her son is an architect, a professor, and the author of the best-selling book Pablo Escobar: My Father. Her daughter has severed all contact with the family and has never publicly mentioned her father.

In the history of organised crime, Pablo Escobar has earned a position alongside figures like Al Capone and Lucky Luciano by leading a high-risk lifestyle. But both for him and his loved ones, it had a cost.


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