Product Categories with the Highest Profits for Amazon FBA Sellers

Choosing what to offer on Amazon FBA is one of the most crucial considerations for establishing a successful online business and is essential to your future commercial success. A product you believe will sell on Amazon FBA may not always be interesting to other consumers. Therefore you cannot just choose a random thing to offer. 

The essential thing to remember is that Amazon FBA is a “price-driven” marketplace when determining what to sell there. In other words, visitors to the website are looking for the best offer on goods. You can download the Amazon seller app for Android, review your product listing, and manage to sell and make high profits. 

Let’s examine the best Amazon product categories by starting with books, which Jeff Bezos originally sold when he founded Amazon in the year 1994. 

Books, those made of paper and ink, indeed:

If you’ve heard the book world’s death toll before, raise your hand. If it wasn’t a Kindle, it was an iPod, iPad, or iPhone model. But what’s this? More people than ever are reading books. It’s how Amazon got its start, and it’s also how you might find a lucrative market niche. 

Know How: It’s simple and easy as it has a huge profit margin. You can resell books on Amazon for 100% of their original cost if you can buy them in quantity for about $1, give or take a little in either direction.  Although this isn’t always a foolproof strategy, and you probably shouldn’t build your entire business on this idea if your goal is to maximize revenue, it most certainly deserves its sturdy section in your store.

Things for babies are expanding along with the population: Newborn and Baby Relative Products: 

Babies are the next lucrative Amazon sector for us. Humans will continue to reproduce, which means that our offspring will require—for lack of a better word—stuff. Additionally, because kids grow quickly and change size frequently, they need a lot of items. Selling baby products is easy for you to pick up, light, reasonably durable, and always in demand. Market to first-borns since they receive more attention from their parents.

Possibly all that glitters is gold: 

These jewelry items—gems, ornaments, and precious metals—have one thing in common: they are frequently in high demand. But given how oversaturated the market is with jewelry, you must be extremely careful in marketing your products.

A startling 50%+ profit margin is possible, but only if you can use specific long-tail keywords. Don’t bother if your products can only be defined with single, vague keywords. There are way too many people for you to beat. 

Clothing for Exercise for All Those New Year’s Resolutioners: 

People enjoy being active, and they participate in many sports as children. People have also discovered that purchasing the proper attire would not guarantee success or diligence in a given endeavor. But don’t mention that to the rest of the world, please!  

You can join the insanity because workout clothing is one of Amazon’s top sellers. Can you picture getting a pair of pre-owned sweatpants? Eww! Additionally, the majority of individuals prefer to purchase brand-new clothing. This category allows you to boost profitability. 

Devices and Accessories for Electronics:  

It would be best if you certainly started stockpiling up on these as soon as possible because it is completely counterintuitive for books to be popular Amazon commodities, much like electronics.

People adore their technological devices, and the benefits to you include:

  • Amazon’s lower commission rate (8% vs. 15%)
  • Several options and subcategories for each category
  • Numerous new devices are always being released.
  • Despite the fact that they all fundamentally accomplish the same thing, different strategies for appealing to various audiences based on the brand name are used. Excellent prospects for retail arbitrage, sometimes as frequently as once a week (hello, Best Buy!). 

Whatever you plan to sell on Amazon FBA must be attractive to your target audience and often in a particular price range. You must understand the criteria when deciding what to sell on Amazon FBA.

Should You Market in Well-Known Categories?


Since these are the most competitive categories, you presumably believe that selling in them will be more difficult for you. Of course, you are correct, so you must adhere to previously outlined standards. The secret is to focus your research such that the product you plan to sell is such a niche that there is little competition, and you only draw serious buyers who are ready to buy your goods right away.

You should feel free to investigate products in these categories, with the exception of those that require certification, are unregulated, or require various sizes or styles. Keep in mind that most customers don’t simply “browse” Amazon. They almost always have a specific need, so this is where you may fill that need for them!

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