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premature LED failure

LEDs are an acclaimed source of illumination with a host of benefits to offer. They are known for their energy efficiency, gorgeous light colours, sustainability, reliability, smart control options, etc. From homes to offices and other industrial or infrastructural verticals, LEDs are considered to be the prime source of illumination. 

Both indoor LED lighting solutions and exterior led lights are utilised by multiple businesses in their respective commercial spaces for better productivity and beautification. However, there are some precautionary measures to follow in order to reap these advantages. 

LEDs can give out prematurely when not catered with the required lighting essentials. Being fully educated about all the aspects of the light fittings, temperature, and other considerations can prevent failure. 

Let’s have a look at some most prominent reasons for premature LED failure:

  • The utilisation of low-quality materials

“Quality of the materials matter in LEDs to function properly.”

An LED comprises many components. These may include lenses to the heat sink, chips, driver, power supplies to generate light, etc. LED performance highly depends upon the condition and working of these parts. 

If one of these components is defective, it will affect the performance and longevity of the LED luminaire. 

  • Faulty Driver

If the correct driver is not used, then also the LED will flash flicker and be troublesome. It is observed that faulty drivers are the most common cause of LED failure.

Here are some of the few factors which cause an LED driver to malfunction:

Poor installation- Improper installation can be the reason for an LED to work efficiently due to electrical issues. Hence, it is important to hire a lighting professional for the proper installation and placement of the lighting system.

Overheating- The usage of low-quality materials in the composition of an LED can impact the driver’s heat dispersing ability, resulting in the driver overheating.

Environmental Factors- Temperature fluctuations can also lead to poor functioning of the driver and flickering of LEDs. 

  • Inaccurate Temperatures

Each LED has different temperature requirements or operating temperatures that indicate which range they can work well in. If the LED luminaire is insulated outside those ranges, it can lead to premature failure.

When installing an LED luminaire in an enclosed fixture in space, check the fixture fitting first. Remember, LEDs must not be placed in enclosed spaces or fixtures unless they are specifically designed for the same. If not followed, the heat will not dissipate and cause premature LED failure.

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Even keeping in mind the surroundings is also imperative. The hotter environment can harm indoor or outdoor LED lighting. They are sensitive to prolonged harsh temperatures. On the other hand, freezing temperatures can hamper extra low thermal protection that might cause LED failure in the long run.

  • Structural problems

Indeed LED lights are known for their reliable performance, but they can also suffer from designing and manufacturing defects. Structural issues like wiring problems and connecting issues within the bulb etc. can contribute to poor functioning or premature failure of an LED. 

This is why it is significant to put faith in top LED lighting manufacturers in India and their installation team, among others. They have proofs and certifications of quality checks and testing along with the assurance that the commercial LEDs can withstand normal wear and tear. 

Also, various lighting professionals believe branded products are helpful in achieving economic sustainability and development. 

There are many lighting manufacturers flooding the market. Choose the best company such as Wipro Lighting, to get desired results in terms of operations, life span, brightness, and overall effectiveness. 

Moreover, the above-mentioned are some possible factors contributing to an LED failure ahead of time. Paying attention to these can result in powerful performance over the claimed time period. 

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