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Abortion and other reproductive rights are under attack in every branch and level of government. States are rushing to pass laws that limit access to these essential healthcare services, including contraception and abortion. If you need an abortion, you should know your rights and how to navigate the legal system. 

Representation in Abortion Cases

Reproductive rights are the right of individuals or couples to control their bodies in reproduction and delivery. They include the right to obtain an abortion, a surgical procedure used to terminate a pregnancy. The decision to carry or terminate a pregnancy is private, and the United States Constitution protects a woman’s right to privacy. Reproductive rights lawyers can help people save their right to make this decision and may also be able to represent women who have experienced barriers to accessing abortion care. Reproductive rights attorneys must be familiar with the changing legal landscape surrounding reproductive health. They can guide whether legislation violates reproductive rights and how to challenge these restrictions in court. Attorneys may also be able to help individuals who seek or provide medication for abortion. Laws regulating this type of procedure are often challenging to enforce. Some states have passed laws that extradite medical professionals from other states who provide medication abortions in violation of their state’s law. To protect these women and their healthcare providers, the ACLU, and other pro bono firms have formed an alliance to offer free legal representation to those seeking or providing medication abortion in various jurisdictions. The goal is to help people needing medically-appropriate care when reproductive health laws are shifting rapidly, and providers lack legal support.

Helping You Understand Your Rights

Reproductive rights are a diverse subset of human rights, including the right to choose when and how to have children, access birth control, and make decisions about abortion care. These are known as positive rights because they entitle you to certain benefits. Reproduction is also a susceptible subject, and many people don’t understand their rights as well as they should. Getting legal help from a reproductive rights lawyer is one of the best ways to ensure you make the most informed choices possible. A lawyer can help you with various legal issues, but it’s imperative to consult an attorney when facing a reproductive rights violation. For instance, if you’re being denied an abortion or accessing other forms of reproductive healthcare because of your religious beliefs, your rights are being violated. If you’re worried about your legal rights and want to learn more, call the National Abortion Federation’s toll-free, multilingual hotline, which has trained staff to help you with your reproductive health questions. Or you can contact your state’s attorney general to learn more about your abortion and contraception rights. As part of their commitment to reproductive justice, law firms are forming pro bono legal teams dedicated to reproductive rights. They assist with everything from research to legal advising and writing amicus briefs. These lawyers are helping connect the pro bono legal community with organizations and congregations leading the reproductive rights fight for years.

Helping You Navigate the Legal System

The legal system can be complex, and a reproductive rights lawyer can be a great resource. They can guide you through the process and help you get the best results. Depending on the issue, lawyers can represent you individually or in a class action lawsuit. They can also collaborate with community groups to develop effective legal strategies for the fight. Reproductive justice is a framework that focuses on liberating women and their families, including freedom from violence, access to health care and social services, and economic security for all. It is rooted in communities that have experienced intersecting layers of oppression and aim to challenge structural power inequities to achieve social justice. It is an area of law that is growing in importance, especially as states seek to restrict or ban abortions nationwide. It is essential for all people to understand their reproductive rights and how they might be affected by restrictive state laws. To protect reproductive rights, we must ensure that the Supreme Court is a strong force for justice and that state courts can also hold those who seek to undermine our fundamental freedoms accountable.

Helping You Get the Best Results The right lawyer can help you navigate the legal maze, from ensuring your insurance company doesn’t overpay for your abortion to ensuring you get the best results for your hard-earned cash. They can also provide a sounding board for your questions and concerns, which will help ensure you feel like you’re in control of your life. Getting an attorney to take the time to read your case and understand your concerns is no small task, especially for those unfamiliar with their local courthouse or the intricacies of your situation. The most qualified lawyers to consult will be those with a good track record, ample experience, and good standing with their bar associations. The best ones will be willing to go the extra mile for you and ensure they know about your legal complexities.

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