Reasons: Why Website Needs Dedicated IP with VPS South Africa


When you are actively researching the different types of web hosting solutions suited to meet your requirements, you must have at some point or another come across a dedicated IP address.

A lot of individuals don’t know much about them hence there is a genuine curiosity behind their usage and benefits. A dedicated IP address can be offered as an add-on service by your hosting provider.

We suggest if you are employing the services of VPS South Africa, then using a dedicated IP will provide high-quality results. This post is aimed to show how having a dedicated IP address can boost your website performance. Also how it can differ in function from widely used shared IP addresses. But first, let us fully grasp its meaning.

Understand What a Dedicated IP is.

When you want to understand the perfect meaning of a dedicated IP concerning a web hosting service, you need to recognize its utilization purpose. A dedicated IP for VPS South Africa can only be used and operated by one single owner. 

It functions as your domain-specific internet address with unique identification. A dedicated IP for your website has tremendous advantages particularly if more devices are being operated under an IP address.

A dedicated IP gives protection and offers various other key benefits; however, it is an added service that comes as an add-on feature. Not all users need to use it but it does offer a great many advantages that can surely boost your performance levels with VPS South Africa.

Difference Between Shared vs Dedicated IP Addresses

There is some key difference between a shared IP and a dedicated IP, but to fully comprehend its difference you need to first look at the foundation of internet protocol addresses.

An internet protocol address is a technique that is utilized to route information between different nodes of networks. For example, IPv4 is one of the widely used IP address formats. It has 4 sets of 8-bit data, commonly viewed as

Key differences between the two are:

  • Each device can use a unique IP address; therefore when there are multiple devices, you need a different set of IP addresses for each device. You can easily use a single IP address for specific set domains as in shared hosting service use this type of shared IP address format.
  • As you might know, on a shared server you are not alone in using the server’s resources. Along with the features, your IP address can be shared among users to host their websites. Unfortunately, when you are on a shared setup, you will discover the limiting aspects of your web hosting. Also when your IP address is shared, it can create some major issues for your website.
  • Shared IP addresses are the exact reverse of dedicated IP addresses. In a dedicated IP setting, you are the owner of that IP; hence no other user is utilizing it for their benefit. Also, they protect you from online attacks and serious dangers that could impede the performance of your website.
  • Having said that, a dedicated IP address is expensive when compared to shared IP addresses, mainly because shared IP costs are divided among users, but on a dedicated IP you have to bear all the expenses and benefits. A VPS South Africa service provider can offer easy access to a dedicated IP as an add-on to service in their plans.

Important Benefits of a Dedicated IP 

The advantages of having a dedicated IP address with your VPS in South Africa are massive. We have tried to pick the ones that add to your business performance and efficiency.

Site Accessibility

Accessing your website from any place and anytime is an essential key factor for business owners. VPS South Africa with a dedicated IP address helps you to achieve that level of accessibility over your website. IPV4 vs IPV6 is keeping up with the growth of IoT devices. Also, it can boost the rate at which your server transfers critical data from one place to another. 

Increased Server Administration

A shared server IP address is sufficient for your website when you just beginning to establish your online presence. However, when you begin to grow and there is a high demand to add more applications or software to your website, a dedicated IP server is then required to accomplish this efficiently and you will get it on VPS South Africa. 

With VPS hosting South Africa you are offered high control, hence utilizing a dedicated IP address for the expansion of your website is simple and uncomplicated. A dedicated IP can enable you to conduct these tasks:

  • Establishing a VPN or a virtual private network
  • Managing and handling a sophisticated game server
  • Accessing and controlling your entire VPS server South Africa
  • Data management, security, and oversight are effortless 

Strengthened Security

A shared IP address lacks the improved safety of a dedicated IP address provides. You are susceptible to online risks and attacks when your IP address isn’t secured. A dedicated IP address in South Africa VPS is committed to serving only you as the exclusive user. Therefore, the chance of others influencing your actives or threats can be diminished. Also, with protected identification, hackers or cybercriminals cannot attack your website with malware or infectious virus.

More reliable email delivery

Your email delivery services can be poor if you use a shared IP address. Mail servers are sensitive to the performance of IP addresses in general, and if your emails aren’t delivering adequately, there is a high risk of being blacklisted or worse being blocked. VPS South Africa’s dedicated IP avoids all of these issues and more with safer channels and a protected method of email.

Get Serverwala VPS Hosting South Africa with Full Dedicated-Ip Server

When you begin hunting for the best place for buying VPS hosting services in South Africa, you need to look for the resources they offer, most of the time a dedicated IP will be added as part of the package. 

We recommend you go with Serverwala cloud data center for your VPS South Africa. They have gained a reliable reputation in the hosting sector for delivering high-standard services. With next-gen innovations and a heavily secure network, it is the best shop for you to buy your web hosting service. 

Serverwala’s VPS Hosting South Africa includes the add-on services of a dedicated IP within their plans. Therefore you won’t be charged extra for its benefits.

When you decide to pick Serverwala as your primary service provider for VPS hosting, you will gain considerably from:

  • Dedicated resources
  • Enhanced safety
  • More customizable platform
  • Scalable accounts


Web hosting solutions are an essential factor that needs your attention all the time. A VPS hosting service in South Africa is suitable for mid-sized businesses that are looking for a platform that can help them scale and reach new heights.

A dedicated IP is a beneficial component that needs to be considered on your website. It provides an excellent amount of protection and improved functionality for your daily tasks. 

Serverwala’s VPS South Africa offers dedicated IP within a reasonable price range, so you can rest assured that all your sensitive data and website will be protected at all times.

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