Relocating Your Car Or Bike – How To Go About It?

When Shifting to another city within the country, you have important decisions to make, especially on – whether or not you should take your car or bike along with you. Of course, you may want to lighten the load before shifting homes and the thought of selling your car/bike may have crossed your mind. But if you are an autophile and/or your mode of transportation is dear to you and you are not too keen on selling it, then you can always ship it along with your household goods to the new destination.

It is common for many people to take their prized automobiles along with them. So once you have made up your mind about shifting your car/bike, there are two options for you to go about it. If you are the more adventurous sort, you can either drive down to the destination by yourself. If the distance seems a lot and a road trip is not your cup of tea, then trust a car transportation service to do the needful. And transporting a car to the destination seems to be a more economical option in comparison to purchasing a brand new car.

But amid the shifting chaos, how do you go about the whole plan of action?

Let us break down the vehicle transportation process for you:

1. Check whether the paperwork is in order

You will require to make sure you have all the required documents in order. If you are transported to another Indian state, this is a key step because you will require all the important paperwork when transferring a car or a bike from one state to another. While you may have all the basic documents, like your driving license, car insurance papers, car loan papers (if any), registration papers, road tax documents, and PUC certificates (emission test certificate), you will require some other important vehicle transfer documents too.

Vehicle Registration Transfer

In India, interstate transfer of the car or the bike is an important process the car or bike owner requirements to undergo. In this process, the vehicle’s registration number gets transferred from one state’s RTO to the other state’s RTO. For the vehicle registration transfer, first, you require to get a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Regional Transport Office (RTO) where your vehicle is registered. After receiving the NOC, your requirement is to register your vehicle again in the state that you are transporting to. This must be done before the NOC expires, or else you must get it extended.

In addition to the originals, also prepare copies of all the documents as a backup.

2. Prep your vehicle

Make sure you do a thorough check of your car or bike before the shifting. If your car or bike has items that can be stolen, rid them of any valuables, including car stereo systems and car/bike accessories. If there are certain items that you cannot detach from the exterior or interior of your vehicle, then create an inventory of your vehicle’s contents and keep the list with you. These items usually are the spare tire (s), the first-aid kit, music system, fire extinguisher, and factory-issued hand tools. Importantly, check with the vehicle shifting company on the amount of petrol or diesel to remain in the fuel tank. Most car carrier companies may recommend the tank to be less than one-quarter full.

3. Book packers and movers for cars/bikes

While at first, you may think of hiring car packers and movers in Dehradun as a costly affair, when time is of the essence and self-driving to the destination is not an option, transportation companies are best to be relied upon. Leave this task in the able hands of the best packers and movers who specialize in shifting automobiles. They will take it upon themselves to deliver your car or bike to the destination in good condition. You can receive quotes from different car movers and packers firms to know about the different car transportation charges.

Safety measures for your car or bike

You can rest assured of the different safety measures in place, including car and bike carriers with embedded safety chains, locks, wheel stoppers, and safety belts to ensure your car or bike is held in position during transit. For mid-size to large SUVs, special measures are ensured. Depending on the destination, the car transport companies offer two types of trailers. Usually, an open trailer serves the purpose of transporting the car within the state. For relocating a car nationwide and across multiple states, these firms employ the use of enclosed car carriers to facilitate easy movement. They even halt after every 100-odd kilometers as a precaution and to ensure everything is in order. Some car and bike moving companies also protect your car’s seats with seat covers to ensure that they remain unspoiled.

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