Showcase Google Reviews On HTML Website With These 3 Excellent Tools

Showcase Google Reviews On HTML Website With These 3 Excellent Tools

Today potential customers are on the hunt for transparency and authenticity while browsing for different options on the internet.

Thus, it becomes very important for businesses to design their website keeping those two points in mind. For creating a well-designed and functional website the foundation of every website built in HTML Website. HTML is supported by all types of browsers and integrated with other languages like JavaScript. HTML consists of various elements that define the different structures of web pages like headings, bodies, etc. These elements are marked up using the tags. This will help you to build a great website.

And to make your website look authentic and transparent it is the best idea to add Google reviews HTML code to it. Why? Google is the digital giant which is home to a great amount of customer reviews. As per the Review Tracker survey, 59% of potential customers first go through Google reviews before making their purchase. Thus, for influencing the purchasing decisions of visitors, businesses are now displaying Google reviews widget in HTML websites. This strategy has changed the marketing game of many businesses. 

Embedding Google reviews on HTML can be time-consuming. So, to make it easy this article will suggest 3 excellent tools that help you to add Google reviews on HTML websites effortlessly.

3 Top Notch Tools To Add Google Reviews On HTML Website

Embedding Google reviews in an HTML website is not a lot of work. To make the process smooth here is the list of four exceptional aggregator tools that can surely save a lot of your time and effort. Each of the tools is briefly discussed for a better understanding of the readers. So let’s delve into it. 

1. Tagembed 

Kicking off the list with one of the leading social media aggregator tools Tagembed. Tagembed is popular among users because it is capable of integrating content from over 20+ well-known social media platforms which also includes Google reviews. Not only that, users can have a very smooth experience while using this aggregator tool. 

Tagembed provides its users with a really cool, fully customizable review widget. The user can design their widget as per their preference style. It lets the user design their widget easily with different available layout options, card styles, different theme settings, author styles and many more. You can grab the attention of your website visitors with the best reviews by cutting off irrelevant reviews using its profanity filter option. And the best part is that for all these you don’t need to have coding knowledge. Design and display the best Google reviews widget on an HTML website with Tagembed. 

2. SociableKIT

The next on the list is another smart aggregator tool, SociableKIT. This also comes with different useful features that help the users to design an excellent widget that enables the users to seamlessly add content to their website including multiple Google Reviews on HTML websites. It doesn’t affect the performance of the widget or the website after embedding the review widget and keeps the alignment intact as well. Its widget is very adaptive and responsive which easily fits on different screen sizes and devices. You can also manage how much content or Google review you want to showcase on the website as well.

3. Elfsight 

The third and last in the list is the Elfsight. It is also one of the remarkable aggregator tools that secure its place in the list. It provides its users with an attractive and fully functional review widget. It comes with different ready-made templates that help the user design review widgets in the way they like. Users can show the Google reviews on their website on a separate page which attracts the attention of the visitors easily. Businesses can sort reviews very easily letting them show the most recent reviews on the top. With its different features, users get numerous opportunities. This is the most logical solution users can get. 

Advantages Of Displaying Google Reviews On Website

Now that you know about the tools for easy embedding of Google reviews, let’s have a quick look at what benefits it comes with for your website. 

Makes website engaging

It will make your HTML website engaging to visitors. Displaying positive Google reviews on the HTML website will help the audiences take an interest in your business. And using the tools you can beautifully show the widget on the website adjusting its looks, size, and other important things. Thus, by engaging more visitors to the website you can efficiently manage the bouncing rates of the website. 

Effective marketing

Rather than spending bucks on advertisement, displaying Google reviews on the HTML website can be more effective for marketing your business. Remember that your existing customers are the best voice of your brand. The positive reviews of your valued customers will influence the purchase decisions of the visitors.  

These are just two of the numerous advantages that are explained above. Embed Google reviews on the HTML website and witness the benefits that you can enjoy.


Displaying the Google review widget on an HTML website brings businesses many visible benefits that cannot be ignored. It enhances credibility, social proof and helps in many more ways. And for easy embedding of the Google reviews, this article has mentioned some of the great aggregator tools. 

So, what are you waiting for? 

Take them into use and seamlessly show the Google reviews in HTML websites and take your business to new heights. 

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