Some of the best HP Laptops to buy in UK

If you’re searching for a creative partner, a business companion, or even just a laptop for online browsing and watching movies. The HP laptops offer some of the best devices on the market. A large variety of laptops are available because of HP’s competitiveness and brand recognition.

Although HP is certainly best known for its large selection of laptops. Also, there are many different HP laptops available for all needs and in a wide range of sizes and shapes, including some quite powerful systems for creatives, which we’ve highlighted below.

Hp Envy 13

Looking for a reliable all-rounder for your remote job? The HP Envy 13 can do the job; it’s small, powerful, and unlikely to actually inspire envy. But it definitely has enough power for both creative work and regular professional tasks. It isn’t exactly a powerhouse, but it can easily run the majority of design software with options up to an Intel Core i5.

It has a strong aluminium frame, a comfortable keyboard, and a clear 13.3-inch display. It’s a competent device where you don’t have to make compromises. These mid-range systems are perfect for creators since they look great, work well for many artistic jobs like a picture and video editing, and are reasonably priced.

You can work for the full six hours without needing to recharge, which is another outstanding feature of the battery life. You can easily use this laptop without having to worry about when you’ll next need to charge it.

Hp Omen

If you like the laptop option above but would want an even better processor, the HP Omen combo might be more suitable for you. This Omen laptop boasts a 15.6-inch 1080P 144Hz display, 32GB of RAM, and an RTX 3070 GPU.

Although the validity and reliability aren’t exactly inexpensive, the GeForce RTX 3070 for mobile is integrated inside, making it a capable graphic performer. However, you can spend far more on a device with an additional 16GB of RAM and the top-tier RTX 3080, which should enable you to comfortably beat the typical desktop PC.

Hp Pavilion 14

The Pavilion 14 looks the part if you’re looking for a device that can be used for both personal and professional purposes. It is also a great choice if you don’t have a lot of money to spend but need a solid laptop with excellent performance. It offers plenty of power, unlike the majority of the HP laptop line, and its magnesium alloy frame makes it incredibly light.

Its 14-inch display is clear and bright, and its vast selection of ports will satisfy anyone who wants to plug in a lot of accessories. Even a fingerprint sensor is available for quick logins. The advantage of a touchscreen, despite its non-convertible design, is that you are no longer limited to a trackpad or external mouse if you suffer from repetitive strain. Finding a touch-screen at this price is also rare.

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Hp Chromebook 14

The HP Chromebook 14 is here to satisfy any concerns you may have had about Chromebooks as viable laptop options. While many consumers choose Windows or Apple notebooks, Chrome OS-powered devices do exist, as proven by this Chromebook.

In fact, you can decide to make the switch with all the features and reliable performance of the Chromebook 14. This laptop is more than capable of doing the job if all you need a machine for is getting online, checking your emails, doing some simple work, and binge-watching Netflix. A laptop that provides much more value than just its low-price tag is created by including a fantastic keyboard, a superb trackpad, and a stunning 14-inch screen.

HP Victus

With Intel 11th Gen CPUs and specialised NVIDIA GPUs, the HP Victus is a low-cost gaming laptop. Although it is entirely made of plastic, the laptop has a simplistic style that blends well in a workplace setting. It feels solid in your hands. The touchpad is spacious and quick, the keyboard is comfortable to type on, and there are several connectors, including an HDMI 2.1 and an Ethernet port. Fast-moving pictures are clearly shown on its 144Hz panel.

Its NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3050 GPU and Intel Core i5-11400H CPU offer a seamless 1080p gaming experience and are capable of handling demanding jobs like video editing or 3D animation. Due to the little thermal throttling on the CPU and the fact that it doesn’t overheat or become too loud while under stress, it consistently delivers excellent performance.

HP Stream 14

The HP Stream highlight the excellent 14-inch model from the series for those looking for a portable and reasonably priced notebook. The HP Stream 14 is designed with reliability and simplicity in mind. Its performance is significantly better to those of low-cost laptops using traditional spinning hard drives. Basically, the Stream 14 works best for everyday chores, but it can also occasionally handle photo or video editing if you give it enough time.

The HP Stream 14 offers a powerful visual impact with its 14-inch screen if you want a larger display but are interested in this series of laptops. Additionally, you get the same improved 220 nits brightness rating as the Pro G5, AMD dual-core processors, and RadeonTM R3 graphics. If you just require more space, it makes sense to choose this option because the price is still far lower than many options.


Although HP’s laptop lines have a large selection, there are noticeable differences between the people that each series is designed for. When you are familiar with these, purchasing an HP laptop is much less stressful.

Furthermore, the HP Pavilion, which is best suited for the broad consumer and family market, and the HP Omen, which is designed for gamers. Beyond these primary product lines, HP also makes a variety of compact, lightweight Chromebooks.

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