Something you can do with your iPod that everyone seems to forget

Ok, so you’ve seen all the blogs, viral, YouTube videos, and thousands of ads touting the NEW and BEST features in various apps…like putting your iPod on a level of thinking and using other relatively useless ones. The features are a growing trend, and soon builders around the world are ditching their tools and buying a multi-purpose iPod for sawing, hammering and screwing, drilling and all the other jobs that builders have to do every day.

Don’t get me wrong, I think some of the iPod and iPhone features and apps are really great and provide a great service that is more convenient and easier to use than ever before. In general, however, these programs are rare.

Some of you may be wondering at this point

What that “thing” is that everyone seems to be forgetting. It’s simple, why aren’t we using the iPod for what it was invented for? I play music… I’ve seen a few commercials for Apple and the iPhone 3gs and iPod Touch recently and none of the commercials mention Apple what the iPod was used for (an MP3 player by the way). It seems it’s all about the extras you get in the package these days!

So one thing that everyone with an iPod should try is to store and play their favorite music 😉 Of course, just kidding, the iPod is clearly an inspired invention, so here are some other things you can do with it that you might not have thought of?

Here are some apps for iPod or iPhone;

1) Apps can turn your iPhone from a simple phone and MP3 player into a navigation device, a resource finder, an account manager, or more, depending on the app you use. Look long and hard, some of the best apps aren’t popular yet.

2) Google Maps, all contact information in the contact book with a physical address (registered with Google) can be found on Google Maps, ideally these contact information can be found automatically when browsing, the instructions say that the contact information for the restaurant is saved by name. Just search for the contact information and you will get directions to the parking lot. Spectacular!!

3) Mobile Internet Wherever you are, you have full access to the Internet, e-mail and everything related to the Internet.

4) Videos and TV Shows – The new iPods can store

 More information than ever before. Take advantage of it and download your favorite videos and TV shows to watch whenever you want.

5) The iPod can be turned into a real mobile MP3 player with the help of the iPod car kit. Connect your car stereo and you can listen to all your songs while driving

Using the Internet to find the music you want and build a music collection in any style is an easy and affordable way to add to your music collection, as CDs make it easy to burn or download MP3 files to iPods or other players. It’s also a great way to find out about current and new artists, new albums and singles, get free lyrics and download free music. The popular free iTunes software and music library lets you build your own music library, search for TV shows and podcasts, and download free music downloads. At just $0.99 per download, you really can’t go wrong. In addition, there are many sites online where you can download free music videos and files, such as Youtube to MP3, MySpace, , CD Baby, Sound Click and more.

What does this mean for the future of music?

 With everyday consumers buying an average of 2 new music albums per month, this can have an impact on the music industry, but many stores such as Virgin, HMV and other well-known music stores also have websites that offer bigger discounts and sometimes music. . . so that music lovers using the Internet can only promote music sales.

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