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Sales go smooth when your sales team can easily identify the best customer from the customer list. They often waste their valuable time by navigating across multiple sources to know who they want to engage with, when and how. In the modern business environment, sales-based organizations must have solutions that enable smart selling.

Sales Accelerator is an advanced capability in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is a modern sales solution designed to transform the way your sales is managed. What does sales accelerator do? Sales Accelerator helps your business to overcome the challenge of time-consuming search by your team for identifying the best next customer to contact. In a simplified way, sales accelerator collects information from various communication and marketing sources and allows salespeople to approach their customers in the best way.

It helps you to speed up the sales process by efficiently managing the different stages of the sales process. Using sales accelerator, the sales team can easily find the best customer or lead or opportunity to contact using an intelligent work list.

More than reaching out to the next opportunity, teams can use the sales information and customer context in the work list to make communication more successful. Sales managers can configure and define steps to help salespeople prioritize their sales activities, be productive and focus on selling.

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How do sales teams prioritize their activities?

Sales people often engage with multiple activities. They need to confront other tasks while working on specific tasks. This makes it harder for them to prioritize their customer-facing issues.

The intelligent work list in Sales Accelerator helps to prioritize jobs, and this ensures that no important records are left behind.

Sales accelerator offers various capabilities, and it includes:

  • Sales agents can view their records using the work list. It displays activities that are pending for the current date or from previous dates. Agents can know about all these from a centralized location, instead of accessing it from other locations.
  • Sales agents can prioritize the records in the work list, so they can contact their customers at the right time. Custom filters can be used to view records that are important. Another important feature is that agents can send bulk email to a list of leads at the same time.
  • Using the Up next widget in the work list, you can view activities and perform actions on it. This widget shows the existing activity, upcoming activity and completed activities.
  • Sales team can take advantage of this capability to efficiently focus on your leads or opportunities or customers and close sales deals faster.

Here are some of the benefits of Dynamics 365 Sales Accelerator.

  • Unified view of customers: With Sales Accelerator, you can get a comprehensive view of your customers, allowing you to view all the interactions that happened across all channels.
  • Qualify leads quicker: Sales accelerator helps you find out leads who are most likely to turn into customers. Create relationships faster: Sales accelerator provides your sales agents with the information about customers. Using this, your team can better engage with customers and develop long-lasting relationships.
  • Predictive Analytics: Sales accelerator provides predictive analytics to help you forecast future sales and for better decision making. It can be used to predict customer behavior, sales revenue and market trends.
  • Track progress: Sales accelerator allows you to track sales progress against sales goals and provide information about how to improve the sales process.
  • Manage your sales pipeline: Sales Accelerator helps you efficiently manage entire process in the sales pipeline in a productive manner. Sales accelerator also offers reporting features that help to make important sales decisions.

Conclusion: Dynamics 365 Sales Accelerator is a great sales tool that organizations can use to improve productivity of their sales representatives. More than helping them to find and connect with the right customers, it helps to track the progress of your sales, and helps to close more deals faster. Depending on your business needs, you can personalize the sales capability. It is a vital tool for sales agents to easily achieve their goals.

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