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Switch tech supply offers a variety of devices for network and communication. They deliver a quick solution for the issues related to communication and network. You do not have to worry about the quality and reliability of the product as their priority is the trust of their valued customers. They help to maintain the reliability and trustworthiness of their clients at any charge.

The main advantage of Concentrators and Multiplexers 15454-AD-2C38.1 is that when a single input device works alone, it gives a lower speed, while this model combines multiple input devices, and we get a great higher speed relevantly while getting output.

To avoid complaints and to maintain their reputation, they do not offer any product which does not match their standard perimeters. They do not work with fake brands. This is the main reason they compete with all top online stores. They deal in a number of countries, and thousands of people enjoy benefits from their products.

Features of Concentrators and Multiplexers / 15454-AD-2C38.1

  • It is offered by a very well-named brand Cisco. The product named 15454-AD-2C Optical Filter Card (38.1)
  • This product is manufactured by Cisco System, Inc
  • The manufacturer part number is 15454-AD-2C38.1
  • Model number of this product  is 15454-AD-2C
  • Product is a typical data multiplexer that combines multiple input signals to transmit into a single output signal.
  • Two LC ports are available or better functionality
  • All the systems are connected by wires.
  • It supports optical fiber

How does 15454-AD-2C38.1 work?

Its basic function is to get a single output signal as a result of combining several input signals. It works by combining two or more two input devices to get single signal output transmission. Input devices have multiple signal lines. On the other hand, output has only one signal line. The single device works at a very slow speed, but by fixing the multiplexer, multiple devices work together and result in a high-speed transmission. In this way it becomes less costly.

Benefits of 15454-AD-2C Optical Filter Card 

  •  Switch tech supply offers a 1-year warranty with this product.
  • You are offered a product and money-back facility within 7 days’ duration
  • Switch tech technology offers free shipping over a limited distance of up to 16km
  • They provide a hundred percent original and authentic product.

You will get less costly and economical solutions for your IT needs. They provided all possible information about all our products, but in case you still have a query or any other issues, our support team is always available to help you. If you discuss what you really need, they will also guide you about which brand offers the best to fulfill your need. So, if you want a high-quality 15454-AD-2C Optical Filter Card (38.1), just place an order and enjoy our best service and quality product. You will get your required product as soon as possible.

Final words:

Switch tech supply is the number one online store that offers an authentic solution to your network and communication needs. To check and verify the product quality, just visit the site and read all terms and conditions. Among a number of products, search for your relevant product and go through the reviews of our customers. You will get to know about the reputation of our online store. They always take better care of the budget of our regulars. 

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