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Custom Boxes

Shipping orders in custom boxes can boost your profits. Online shopping accounts for 14.9% of all US retail sales, and this number continues to grow. Using custom boxes to ship orders is an effective way to establish yourself as a leading eCommerce business. Custom boxes feature printed logos or designs for branding purposes. In this article, we’ll discuss the environmental benefits of custom boxes, as well as the branding opportunities that they offer.

Marketing With Custom Boxes

There are many benefits of marketing with custom boxes with logo. Custom packaging boxes are an inexpensive way to establish a brand name and promote your product. While most labels are known for their slogan or marketing tagline, custom boxes will help your product stand out from the competition. Plain boxes get lost in the shuffle. By adding a custom logo, you will give your plain food package a facelift. Customers will remember your brand, and it can even boost your social media outreach.

Custom boxes with logo are an excellent way to advertise your brand name. People tend to purchase branded products instead of local ones, and your logo will make your products more memorable to them. A custom box will provide all the information a customer would want, and you’ll save money on advertising. As a bonus, these boxes will also increase your brand’s awareness and keep your existing customers while attracting new ones. Regardless of the size of your business, custom boxes with logo can increase sales and generate more revenue.

In addition to being durable, custom boxes with logo help promote your brand. These boxes can feature details about your business, including your contact information. For example, if your box contains your contact information, customers will be able to reach you for any questions or orders they might have. They can also include information about the products that they purchase. This can help build trust between the customer and the brand. And they’ll be happy to know that you’ve thought about every detail when they order a product.

Whether you’re selling products online or offline, you should always put your company’s logo on your boxes. If you’re shipping your products online, your logo needs to be as clear as possible so that your audience can see it. If they have any questions about your product, they can quickly call or email you. That’s a great way to make your products stand out and attract new customers. So, marketing with custom boxes with logo is an effective way to attract new customers and maintain an existing client base.

Environmental Friendliness

Using recycled paperboard for custom boxes can help you reduce your environmental impact. The cost of using recycled paperboard is considerably lower than virgin fibres, but it is difficult to trace its provenance. Ecological paperboard, on the other hand, is made using environmentally friendly raw materials, such as reclaimed wood and pulp. These boxes are recyclable and biodegradable. Using the right material for custom boxes with logo can make a big difference.

Using environmentally friendly boxes will help you reduce your carbon footprint and conserve natural resources. While using custom boxes with logos, you can also recycle them after you are finished with them. Because they are made of recycled materials, they will remain strong and sturdy after they have been thrown out. Moreover, they can help you build your brand identity. Using recycled boxes will help you distinguish yourself from other brands. Therefore, you can use them as a way to increase your brand identity and increase your customer base.

Using eco-friendly custom boxes will help you attract the attention of consumers who are environmentally conscious. Custom boxes can be tailored into various colors, shapes, and designs. The quality of printing is exceptional and you can use a variety of graphics and images to attract customers. Choosing eco-friendly custom boxes will also help you increase your sales. And who can argue with that? So, why wait? Get started today!

Choosing eco-friendly custom boxes with logo will help you reduce your environmental impact. Recycled or dye-free paper is a better option for the environment. The eco-friendly materials can be recycled and disposed of in earth soil within a short time. The eco-friendly custom boxes will also make a strong impact on your brand image by making your consumers aware of your commitment to the environment. The greenness of custom boxes with logos will help you stand out from the competition, as consumers will notice your efforts to protect the environment.


Branding your product is important in today’s market, and custom boxes with a company’s logo can be a useful way to increase awareness and build brand loyalty. The purpose of a custom box is to entice customers to buy your product by causing them to have a second adrenaline rush at home when they receive it. This feeling makes customers more likely to buy from your business again. However, it is not only the packaging that can help you build brand awareness. Custom-made boxes can enhance the impact of a logo advertisement by making the branding more prominent.

In addition to boosting brand recognition, custom logo boxes can increase sales. While customers cannot see the product inside the box, a custom logo makes it more likely for them to remember the brand. Because of this, a logo will often be remembered more quickly than the name of a business, making it more effective for branding. Custom logo boxes are also attractive and high quality, making them a great investment.

Custom boxes also allow for high-quality printing, which makes it a great way to brand your company. Various printing techniques, including foiling, can make it even more attractive. Printing your company’s name on the packaging also provides excellent marketing and brand awareness. Other forms of marketing are banners, posters, and flyers, but having a logo on the box makes it more effective. A company’s logo is always top of mind for consumers, which can increase sales and brand awareness.

In addition to branding, custom boxes can save you money on shipping costs. Almost 96% of Americans shop online, and custom boxes can increase brand recognition. Not only do custom boxes provide a greater chance to make your brand famous, but they also protect your products better. Ultimately, they’re also great for socializing, as a video is often the first thing a customer sees when purchasing your product.


Having your business packaging customized can help increase your profits. Consumers are increasingly becoming smarter, and so are businesses. Brands that use smart choices can save substantial amounts of money while simultaneously increasing sales. Using custom boxes with logo printing can make a big difference to your bottom line. Read on to learn more about the benefits of this type of packaging. We’ll explore how you can make use of custom boxes with logo printing.

First, you’ll save money on shipping. Custom boxes with logos are significantly cheaper to ship than standard packaging. They can purchased in bulk and are unlikely to cost much more than standard packaging. You’ll save money on delivery expenses, too, as the large shipping companies now charge by volume, as opposed to weight. Custom packaging is especially important if you’re operating an online business, as this is your biggest customer interaction.

Second, custom packaging is time-consuming. While some companies have the resources, they might not have the time to custom print their boxes. Instead, they may opt to use sticker-like logos or affix the company’s name to the box. In either case, it could save you money in the long run. But it all depends on your priorities. If you want to make your company memorable, incorporating a custom box with logo will help your business stand out in the market.

In addition to being more visually appealing, custom boxes with logo will make your mail stand out in the sea of mail. This means that consumers will associate your brand with your packaging, and when they open your boxes, they’ll be reminded of your company. That way, your logo will remain in the forefront of your customers’ minds. You can use custom boxes with logo to improve your brand recognition and increase your sales.


Shipping orders in customized boxes is an excellent way to increase profit margins. You can use the packaging to promote related products, offer discounts, or enroll customers in a loyalty program. Inserts can also used to tell the story of the brand and demonstrate its commitment to environmental protection. They can also reinforce your brand logo. Here are some benefits of custom packaging for your eCommerce business. Read on for more. Then you’ll be well on your way to increasing profit margins!

Retention benefits of using custom boxes with logo are difficult to quantify, but they are significant. When customers receive their products in a custom-branded box, they feel a deeper connection with the brand. They are more likely to make a repeat purchase. In fact, in a recent survey, DotCom distribution reported that 52% of consumers were likely to make repeat purchases if the retailer provided premium packaging. While ROI is difficult to determine, studies suggest that custom boxes with logos can increase sales and brand value by as much as 50%.

Using custom-printed boxes increases brand awareness. Studies have shown that 96% of Americans shop online regularly, and your packaging can reach a diverse group of consumers. This will allow you to gain brand recognition and educate your target audience. Plain shipping cartons may not catch the attention of many consumers, but custom-printed boxes have a wider reach and a greater likelihood of being noticed by consumers. If you’re not using custom boxes, consider the following benefits:

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