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Evolution of SEO


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and is a service offered by the Surrey SEO company to all its clients. The main goal of SEO services to increase website traffic, increase the number of requests to the website and increase the page rank of the website. There is a myth circulating in the online community that SEO or old fashioned SEO is dead and will soon be unnecessary. However, after reading this, you will probably agree that this is not the case.

SEO is something that many people know about on some level, but not many people know how SEO happened. In response, here is a brief overview of the history of SEO and how it has evolved over the years.

search engine called Alta Vista

In 1996, a search engine called Alta Vista was the largest search engine on the Internet. Yahoo was a small list of websites and Google was not yet born. SEO has not yet reached its peak and has grown in the shadows of the Internet. SEO services in Surrey are waiting to be established.
Over the years, search engines have matured and competition has intensified, causing search engines to add more factors to how each site ranks for each search term. Link popularity, page rank and credibility are built.

As websites have grown and developed

so have the indexing and crawling problems they originally created. For example: normalization, navigation problems, duplicate content, redirects. So SEO is integrated with marketing, which means old school CEOs have to learn how to become marketers. Now the “true fame” important for links with the metric system has been removed. Some examples of senior SEO techniques include: title tags, meta description tags, meta keyword tags, link marker queries and internal linking strategies.

SEO techniques

Today, SEO techniques are evolving every day with things like social media promotion, new content, unique local results, and not using an ever-growing and updated index. Old school SEO is not as “dead” as many people think. In fact, it evolved and evolved into what we now call SEO.

Many marketing agencies offer SEO services, but full-service agencies often have the most up-to-date SEO knowledge. Series SEO agencies will focus on developing your website so that you can appear on the first page of Google results and achieve high page rankings.

lack of necessary facilities 

With these pages, a clear change can be seen in recent years. In the past, there were few visits and little interaction from visitors. Then, on-page network marketing SEO services are limited due to lack of necessary facilities in the business market. Now, with the rise of platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Buddy Press and many more, it will now be much less difficult for websites to maintain their website presence.

online SEO marketing services

Currently, most online SEO marketing services have been developed to adapt to the new conditions presented by various factors such as website platforms, internet communication on websites, engines such as Google and the social presence great and websites in social networks. .

WDSS web development services

SEO website marketing services are designed to attract more visitors by promoting all your website marketing needs. This will ultimately help you gain industry participation, gain more exposure to the internet market, and even attract more visitors to your website.


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