The Implication of Voice Technology in App Development

Around 20% of all mobile queries are done using voice search.

Voice technology is relatively new but has already proved itself useful in several ways. As the quality of the technology improves, it becomes more viable for various uses.

More app development companies are taking advantage of this innovation. It’s allowing them to introduce new features and improve the quality of their apps.

For a rundown on how voice technology is affecting app development, keep reading.

Applications of Voice Technology

Google and other search engines have implemented voice search features on their platforms. This allows users to make searches by simply speaking to an app or asking it a question.

Many smart devices allow people to use voice commands (“Hey, Google”, Hey, Siri”, etc.) to activate their apps. Through these, people can ask questions, get weather forecasts, find directions, or instruct their devices to perform different tasks.

Speech recognition software can also dictate from your voice. Users can talk, and the software will convert their speech into text. Things like different accents can affect how accurate these are, but they are always improving as the technology develops.

Many companies have taken this into account. When building an app, they can optimize it to better recognize various accents. This can make a new app more accessible to different users, increasing the potential user base.

While it may seem complex, some platforms can help developers build their apps with ease. makes app building simple, so if you have an idea but lack the technical skills to build it, we can help.

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Industries That Use Voice Technology

Beyond people’s day-to-day lives, voice technology has become present in a range of commercial uses.

Healthcare facilities use it to make it easier for professionals to gather patient information and maintain records. In the education sector, teachers can build various teaching materials and create tutorial videos with the help of voice technology.

Voice technology helps the banking and finance sector in terms of confidentiality. It can validate users via biometrics, and customers can place voice commands to help with tasks such as credit checks. Banks can also use chatbots with voice recognition features to assist customers without the need for them to interact with an employee.

Online shopping is becoming more streamlined with the use of voice activation tools. People can also use their virtual assistants such as Siri and Alexa, to improve their shopping experience.

Mobile Apps

Modern smartphones have introduced a range of useful features over the years. As they allow app developers so much freedom, there’s a huge amount of potential moving forward. New app development ideas can often be implemented quickly, adding further convenience to people’s lives.

Many apps involve text, and touch screen keyboards aren’t the best for lengthy writing. By converting voice into text, people can write long messages, emails, notes, and more with ease.

With voice search, a user can ask a question and receive an answer without even having to look at their screen. Voice searches generally load faster than web pages, helping people use less time and effort.

Future App Development

Future app development seems almost limitless in terms of where it can go. Voice technology is becoming better at recognizing different voices and can function faster than ever before. There are plenty of ways that developers can implement it into their apps to provide more value to their users. specializes in app development. You don’t need any tech knowledge, and we’ll provide continuous support to help your app idea become a reality. 

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