The Role of NFC Technology In 2022

NFC is called short-range wireless communication. It was first promoted by Philips and Sony, and is mainly used in handheld devices such as mobile phones. It can carry out point-to-point data transmission without contact, but it is a short-range wireless communication technology that requires about ten centimeters between devices for data transmission. It transfers data at speeds greater than 100K, greater than 200K, and greater than 400K per second. Its pairing speed between two devices is faster than bluetooth and the operation is relatively simple. The data transmission speed is faster than infrared and the security is higher. Its biggest advantage is that it can also read data when the mobile phone is out of power. Pick. Due to the high security of near field communication, NFC technology is considered to have great application prospects in fields such as mobile payment

One of the most promising features of NFC mobile phones

One of the most promising features of NFC mobile phones is mobile payment. Among them, the first countries to launch mobile payment services are the United States, Japan and South Korea, which realize the functions of mobile payment and bank transfer at the same time as mobile payment. Mobile payments provide huge business opportunities for South Korean mobile phone manufacturers, telecom operators and content service providers. Mobile phone users in Italy can also pay highway tolls, parking fees, etc. France began to invest in short-range wireless communication technology in 2009. As of 2013, it has developed this technology in cities in many regions, mainly used in industry and energy. The cost of mobile payment is low and convenient for users, which brings a new consumption experience to users. Now mobile payment based on NFC technology has become a development trend. Google uses NFC technology to develop Google Wallet, which turns mobile phones into wallets, converts credit cards into data on mobile phones, and enables mobile payments. At present, many merchants in the United States have cooperated with “Google Wallet”, including pharmacies, department stores and fast food service restaurants. In addition to mobile payment, the application of NFC technology in other fields has gradually developed.

The NFC Forum, which is relatively influential

The NFC Forum, which is relatively influential in many developed countries, has already had many members, including telecommunications companies, financial companies, mobile phone manufacturers and software developers. At present, the application scope of NFC is no longer limited to the field of mobile payment, and there are more and more devices supporting NFC technology on the market, including mobile phones of brands such as Sony, Samsung, LG, Google, Nokia and HTC, and many other electronic devices also Start supporting the technology. Now the most commonly used function of NFC in mobile phones is to easily realize data transmission by bringing two NFC mobile phones close together. However, in January 2013, many merchants exhibited various NFC devices at the annual CES held at the Las Vegas Convention Center in the United States, which upgraded the application of NFC technology and polished people’s eyeball.

In addition to household appliances and some simple electronic devices,

In addition to household appliances and some simple electronic devices, NFC technology is gradually showing its advantages in other fields. For example, some foreign hotels and casinos use this technology, allowing NFC devices to touch and obtain various information, including restaurant menus and ticket purchases, viewing Various times, etc.; Impak Health, a joint venture established by Swedish chip manufacturer Cypak and American medical supplies manufacturer Meridian Health in the medical industry, has developed a heart monitor called Rhythm Trak. It can download data information related to its own heart from an NFC device through a mobile phone; HP launched the SpectreOne all-in-one computer, this computer integrates NFC technology, called HP TouchZone, users can log in to this through an NFC smartphone or other NFC device. computer and transmit data to it; in addition, NFC technology will also be used in the automotive industry, such as remote control to open the car door or other aspects.

In China, the Huazhong University of Science

In China, the Huazhong University of Science and Technology Wuchang Library’s NFC seat number selection machine has been trialed. Using an NFC mobile phone to swipe on the machine, the seating distribution in the reading room of the entire library is clear at a glance, which has effectively eliminated the situation of occupying seats, and temporarily Leaving reserved seat and seat automatic release function. In China, NFC technology is also suitable for many scenarios, such as mobile payment function, bus card swiping function, meal card in school canteen, various access control cards, various electronic tickets, various electronic tickets, transmission of files and data, electronic business cards, intelligent Posters, home appliance operation, logistics, etc. You can use your smartphone with NFC to buy things in the mall, check in to work or meetings, enter and exit turnstile barrier gates, swipe bus cards or movie tickets, or exchange electronic business cards with others, play games online, and more. The most important point is that even when your mobile phone is out of power, it can still be used as a transportation card, meal card, access control card, receipt, etc., exactly the same as the various proximity cards in our hands. However, the development of NFC technology in China is still relatively slow. Although the mobile payment card has been launched for a long time, it has not been realized. The competition for mobile payment standards dominated by UnionPay and mobile operators and the domestic financial environment have caused the development of mobile payment to stagnate. not forward.

The popular two-dimensional

The popular two-dimensional code technology is also widely used. Its cost is low. As long as you have a smart phone, you can read the relevant information from the two-dimensional code. The disadvantage is that it can only read information in one direction and read The speed is slow, in addition, it requires the scanner to scan accurately, and it has high requirements on the position of the reader, so it is not effective in crowded places, and it takes a long time to scan the QR code. The NFC technology has a fast reading speed, low requirements on the reading position, and is also suitable for places with many people, and it can not only read, but also realize two-way information exchange

Compared with other connection technologies

Compared with other connection technologies, NFC has many advantages. It simplifies and accelerates the connection speed, saves the time of pairing, passive NFC tags are inexpensive, and no battery is required when transmitting data. As long as there are passive NFC tags, data can be received. In addition, it is convenient, Simple, practical, and widely used also promote the development of NFC. Of course NFC isn’t perfect, as it requires a short distance between two devices, it won’t replace Bluetooth or WiFi in the short term, and the technology is still in its early stages, making it difficult to judge the ideal touch location; different The company integrates NFC into its own system, which limits the range of devices that can collaborate, so it limits the use of consumer products; another point is that when the phone is lost, these functions can still be used, and there are certain security risks. .

We can’t imagine the NFC world in the future. At that time, maybe that name was really used. There are only things we can’t think of that can’t be done without NFC. After the above analysis, NFC technology has emerged and played an irreplaceable role in some fields at home and abroad. Although the development of NFC technology in China is restricted by some factors and there are still many problems to be solved, I believe The era of NFC technology is coming. It is a major development trend. In the near future, the NFC era will be like a tide, and it will be overwhelming and unstoppable.

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