Tips on How to Groom and Maintain Your Beard Styles

Beard Styles

Maintaining Your Beard Styles

Coming up with one decision among the many available options for beard styles can be quite challenging for most men. Choosing a favorable beard style is determined by the shape of your face and how your facial hair grows. However, if you find it hard to decide, you can always consult a professional for help.

After finally making decisions on what beard styles to try, that is not where the journey stops. All styles will require maintenance and grooming to keep them in good shape. The following are tips on grooming and maintaining your beard styles if you are unsure how to do it.

It Is Important to Be Patient

Beards don’t just grow overnight and become ready for styling. It is recommended that once you decide to grow your beards, you give them at least one and a half months without tampering with them by trying to trim or style them.

This step is important to help the hair grow evenly so that you can easily choose the beard styles based on the beard’s length and thickness.

You should understand that with different people, the hair grows at varying speeds; however, the speed of beard growth can be influenced by factors such as lifestyles, physical health, and the meals someone takes.

You Should Match Your Beard with the Shape of the Shape

Nothing looks more attractive than beard styles when they are perfectly matched with the face shapes of the person. Your beard should blend well with the surrounding environment, which is the face. 

The main objective is usually to maintain the shape of the face as oval as possible. This is why it is important to choose a beard style that will make your face look oval in shape.

To attain an oval shape with a beard, you need to choose a beard style that increases the proportionality and symmetry of your head. To achieve this, it is important to factor out the length of your beard and how thick the beard will grow from the face.

For some faces, a less thick but long beard will look good, while for other people, a thick and short beard will look good. Growing a thick beard makes your face look wide.

  1. Understand When and How You Should Trim the Beard

Different beard styles require special and unique trimming. The answer to the question of when you should trim the beard is based on how fast your beard hair grows.

It is important to invest in a well-specialized beard trimmer to avoid messes that may lose your signature beard look or, worst, force you to shave the entire beard.

If your bear hair grows very fast, you must have your beard groomed regularly. As tempting as it might be, trimming beard styles on your own is risky and is not encouraged because it is not easy to see all parts of your beard while trimming, even when using a mirror.

Ensure You Wash Your Beard Regularly

Beards grow near your mouth, and therefore, they are likely to get food substances while you are eating. It is important to wash your beard as often as possible to avoid providing a breeding area for bacteria from dirt.

When the beard is still in its early stages of growth, most beard styles are likely to have a lot of skin cells from the growth. Cleaning the beards helps get rid of any dead skin cells, which may cause irritating itchiness.

For grown beards, it might be tempting to skip washing them because water is likely to mess with beard styles normal appearance. However, you should know that washing the beard is not all about the hair but the skin underneath too.

Ensure you scrub your beard every time you clean it in order to reach the skin underneath, and pat the beard dry after you are done cleaning. If the skin underneath is clogged with dirt, your beard hair will have slow growth.

Cleaning for all beard styles is very important for a healthy beard and also personal hygiene in general.


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