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Are you looking to make a difference? We’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of 5 of the greatest comedies ever made. From the chick flicks and contemplative commentaries to the jazz of humor, this list includes the best of all comedy sub-genres. This list will give you the help you need to get through the endless summer.

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I am sure you will definitely gonna love these movies:


Larry Charles’ Larry Charles directorial will have you laughing to your core. The mockumentary black comedy film, which is almost entirely unscripted, is a one-man production. The film stars the hilarious and talented actor Sacha Cohen. He plays Borat Sagdiyev (a fictional Kazakhstani reporter) who visits the United States to film a documentary about how Americans interact with foreigners. Borat engages in conversation with Americans, who assume that he is an outsider and has little knowledge of American culture for a large part of the film. Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, a sequel to the film, was released in 2020. Cohen won the Best Actor Award at the Golden Globes for his performance in the first film. This film is available on the Cinema HD Apk.

Dumb & Dumber

This 1994 buddy comedy is full of slap-stick humor. The film features Jim Carrey as the director and Jeff Daniels as the editor. The film, which is a classic comedy, makes good use of its characters and their complete lack of brains to create a story that’s worth seeing at least once. The story follows Lloyd Christmas (Carrey), and Harry Dunne, two dim-witted, but well-intentioned, friends from Providence, Rhode Island. They travel across the country to Aspen, Colorado to return a cash-filled briefcase to their owner. They mistakenly believe it was left as a ransom, when in fact it had been left as an error. The film was directed by Peter Farrelly and has been a cult favorite, even though it was a huge success at the time.

Four Lions

This political satire black comedy, which is a blast of British humor, is a great commentary about the current state of the world. Chris Morris, in his directorial debut, gives the audience what they’ve been looking for: a bizarre premise. The film is a jihad comedy about a group of homegrown terrorist jihadis in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. It stars Riz Ahmad, Kayvannovak, Nigel Lindsay, and Arsher Ali. Four Lions won praise from critics despite not being given many opportunities to show their film to the public. The film was praised for its hilarious comedy timing and out-of-the-box screenplay. The film is loved by fans, but a scene featuring Kayvan Novak playing Waj in the kebab shop, where he has a chat with the negotiator, has been voted the best. Watch this film on the TVMob apk for free.

Grand Budapest Hotel

The movie stars an emblem cast and is directed and written in part by Wes Anderson. Starring big industry names like Ralph Fiennes and Tony Revolori, Adrien Brody, Willem Dafoe, and Saoirse Roan. Harvey Keitel. Jude Law. Bill Murray. Jason Schwartzman. Lea Seydoux. Owen Wilson. Monsieur Gustave H. is a well-known concierge from the fictional Eastern European country of Zubrowka during the 20th century. Gustave and Zero, his newly recruited protege Zero, are accused of killing an affluent dowager. They embark on a quest for wealth and valuable Renaissance artwork against the backdrop of an expanding fascist government. Although the film received mixed reviews from critics, it was well received by the public and won nine Academy Awards.


Superbad is a cliche American high school story with a twist. Although the film is not a standout, it’s a good watch that has funny lines and a hilarious buddy comedy. Greg Mottola directs the film, which is a hilarious coming-of-age comedy for teens. The film stars Jonah Hill and Michael Cera as Seth, and Evan respectively. The script was written by Rogen and Goldberg 13 years ago. It is loosely inspired by their high school experiences. Two high school students make the best of their time and go to university. Their excesses lead to them being in serious trouble. The film received warm reviews from critics. It also did well at the box office.

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