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Welcome to the state of summer and young drivers! People receive driving permits or even rent cars earlier than in other states of the country. You can start your trip to California with one of the most famous automobile routes that stretch along the Pacific coast, from San Diego to San Francisco via Los Angeles and dozens of other exciting places. Well, it is an ideal plan. If you do not have much time, travel to a city by plane and explore it by SUV rental services. We will tell you about the best cities below. Keep on reading!

San Diego

San Diego boasts of its sights and picturesque landscapes. Come here to see how modern art coexists with historical landmarks. It is one of the locations to spend your summers. Yet, you will not stay on the shores day and night, right? To discover the city, use a cheap SUV rental in San Diego. It will make you free from the schedules of public transport. First, see the quarter named the old town. Spaniards lived there before and left the colorful architecture. Get back in time on those streets. Then, attend the Anthropological Museum in the picturesque Balboa Park. The museum’s collection includes 100,000 ethnographic treasures, more than 30,000 books, and 25,000 photos.

To feel the contrast, go to the Embarcadero area after that. San Diego’s pedestrian promenade is crammed with shops, exciting sights, cafes, and restaurants. Views of Coronado, an island on the opposite side of the bay, open up. Many Embarcadero facilities are literally on the water. For example, the Midway of the Navy and historically valuable ships belonging to the San Diego Maritime Museum.

San Francisco

Not far from Silicon Valley, there is the city of San Francisco. So, rent a car in San Diego and head to the rocky shores! All the visitors admire the stunning views and windy air. Its area is 75 thousand square miles. This city is not very similar to a typical American: it is much more calm, relaxed, and artistic. One can find a quarter of skyscrapers, mirrors, straight lines, a bustling waterfront, small coffee shops, and large parks. Besides, one may look for inspiration in Art Deco villas and Victorian houses. Also, do not forget to hit the road to the Golden Gate Bridge! Indeed, you will not miss it!

Near the Pacific coast, stroll through one of the largest urban parks in the world, Golden Gate Park, on a thousand acres of which 7,000 species of plants coexist, some very remarkable museums, and dozens of hippies.

Los Angeles

It is the dream city for many people! Everyone knows about Hollywood and Beverly Hills. Who did not think of how ordinary people live there. They might not be going to the ocean daily. However, numerous tourists do that! It is impossible to embrace the whole city with one visit, yet we will try.

Analyze your interests and team. You can attend local Disneyland and amusement parks with children. You can take them to the museum or cinema. Your parents will love the idea of attending Huntington Botanical Gardens. It is where nature has some rest. There are twelve gardens of diverse thematics on almost one hundred acres. You can teleport from China to Victorian London there, indeed! Sounds like a good plan for a getaway with the entire family!

Palm Springs

Your next destination might be the golf capital! The road will take you up to two hours with an SUV rental. You may observe life on the indigenous streets, full of vacationers. Then, head to Joshua Tree National Park. There are many yuccas for you to find a calm rest. You can devote one night to the local stars if you have a tent. There is nothing better than hiking on the tourist trails at sunrise! Besides, ancient Indian tribes inhabited these lands. They left us many pictures on the giant bricks.

Another great idea is to take a ride on Aerial Tramway. You will enjoy the views and see the city of Palm Springs above. Make sure that you are ok with heights!


Sacramento lies 93 miles northeast of San Francisco. Have you known that it is the capital of California? It does not have shores, but it is ok. Visitors will find fascinating museums in Old Sacramento. Full of its historic buildings, shops, and restaurants, it is an excellent place for tourists to take in the sights or relax. The California State Railroad Museum is one of the largest railroad museums in the world.

 The climate here depends on the coast, so the best time to visit is during the dry season between spring and autumn.


The city is a representative of the advantageous location. First of all, it is located in the heart of California, so you can come here to observe the calm life of the residents. You may feel the spirit of the USA without constant routine and fast rhythm. With a rented 4×4 vehicle, you have all the options to drive to any city for fun and impressions quickly.

We wish you to travel a lot to add new cities to the list. Good luck on the roads!

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