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Sleeve boxes are custom packaging that is use to protect and display products. They come in a variety of sizes, colors, and shapes (rounds or squares). They are made out of sturdy material for long lasting protection. In addition, the custom sleeve box can be completely custom with your logo on it. Which makes them stand out from the rest. A sleeve box is custom packaging that is often use for vape cartridges.  

They are custom-made to fit the cartridge and provide protection from dirt and other contaminants. Sleeve boxes are attractive because they can be custom design with a company’s logo or brand colors to match your product line. There are many uses for custom sleeves, such as: storing products in-store or at home, marketing materials, gift-giving, etc. This blog post will talk about some creative ideas for custom vape cartridge packaging with sleeve boxes. As well as other ideas you could use these sleeves for! 

Facts About Sleeve Boxes 

With all the different packaging and design options available in modern times. Choosing which one best suit your business can be challenging. But with some basic understanding of your product and what kind of customer you’re targeting. Certain things will make this selection process easier for you- saving both time and money. 

They can be customize to your liking, provide protection during shipping or storage, and will make your product stand out on a shelf. Kraft’s are also lightweight when compared to the more rigid corrugated cardboard boxes.  

However, sleeve boxes need to have some reinforcement. Since they don’t bend like thicker custom package materials- which is where custom inserts come in! Even if you use pre-made sleeves with an insert that’s already been design by someone else, you’ll still find it easier to work with than other options as long as it fits nicely inside, so there won’t be any corners coming up too high or anything poking out from underneath. 

The packaging materials used in the sleeve boxes are of the highest quality, no matter what kind you choose. For example, some people prefer paperboard for its eco-friendly properties. While others may want to go with cardboard or Kraft board because they need a more rigid box. Regardless of your choice in material, each and everyone is made from high quality raw material so as not to compromise on strength! 

Ideas and Uses of Kraft Sleeve Boxes 

Benefits of Attractive Boxes: 

The benefits are endless when it comes to sleeve boxes. They can be use for any project, with many different types of materials and uses. The best thing about them is that they’re not only good-looking but also practical!  

This balance makes these cardboard sleeves a great choice no matter the occasion. Or how you want to use them in your business operations! With this information, I will write an article on why it’s crucial to work with an attractive box as long as it fits nicely inside so there won’t be any corners coming up too high or anything poking out from underneath. Some people prefer paperboard. 

Benefits of custom packaging: 

  • Your company name is custom printed on the box. 
  • It shows a professional appearance to your customers and clients. – Lower cost than custom printing with large quantities. 
  • Endless color options for any occasion or style you need, including metallic colors! 
  • You can also personalize it by adding logos, photos, or graphics that best attractively represent your business values. This way will help strengthen customer loyalty while increasing brand recognition among new potential buyers as well.” 

There are hundreds of uses of sleeve boxes, some of them are mention here: 

Custom Cigar Boxes 

Cigars have always been a premium choice, and they come in beautiful premium packaging styles. Custom printed sleeve boxes to store your cigars are the most attractive box in your pocket. 

Custom Pet Boxes 

Custom pet food storage and travel containers for pets on the go are best. If you choose a big sleeve box for them. 

Personalized Cigarette Packaging 

Like cigar boxes, custom cigarette packaging with a custom design. That is perfect for gifting or as part of an invitation suite is an added beauty to your event. 

Coffee Sleeve Boxes 

If you are tire of seeing coffee in a regular box, then let us tell you we know the custom, brand coffee sleeves are great for presenting any product in style while providing added protection from spills during transport.” 

Custom Cookie Gift Packaging 

Gifts have always been a precious thing for humankind. But when you take the custom cookie gift packaging, it is a perfect idea for gifting someone. 

Custom Gift Boxes for Your Jewelry 

If you are looking for custom-made boxes to pack your precious jewelry in. And want the ultimate protection of any box on earth – our custom jewelry box will make sure every piece is safe from scratches or damage. 

Boxed Wine Custom Packaging Ideas 

We offer custom boxe wine packaging with various designs that can be customize at no additional charge (nor will there ever be an extra cost). Choose from one of our pre-designed styles or create something completely different!” 

Vape Cartridge Packaging 

Vape cartridges are very delicate and sophisticated items that need extra care, especially the smallest one ml vape cartridge in beautiful 1ml vape cartridge packaging. Kraft sleeves packaging is trendy in vape cartridges because it is very green to nature. 

Custom Cupcake Packaging 

Custom cupcake packaging can be a custom, eye-catching gift that will make your product stand out from the competition. You may not have thought about it before, but custom cupcake packaging is beautiful and generates ideas with sleeve boxes for all of our customers. 


Sleeve Boxes are creative ways to package products. Creative and custom packaging is a great way to jazz up the product, generate more interest in it, or make the item stand out on store shelves. Customizing your custom boxes means you can get what you want for any occasion with no extra costs! 

Final Thoughts 

The sleeve box is an excellent option for your vape cartridges and will provide an attractive way to present your product. If you’re looking for sleeves that are eco-friendly, sustainable, and cost-effective in the long term with minimal waste while still being protective of your items, then Kraft boxes may be ideal.  

You can find many different sizes available online or at packaging stores, so it should be easy to find precisely what you need, whether it’s a small single sleeve or a larger size like 40×40 inches. In addition, custom boxes are design specifically for vaping products. They have been made with aluminum foil on the inside that won not react if expos to liquid nicotine or other e-liquids use in vapes. We hope this blog was helpful for you to decide the best packaging for vape products. 

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