Top Popular Google Doodle Games

If you want to have fun while learning a new sport, try the Top Popular Google Doodle Games. This article will tell you about Pac-Man, Loteria, and Slalom Canoe. But if you have a few minutes to spare, take a look at Pangolin Love! You’ll be glad you did! You’ll also be amazed by the unique and exciting gameplay. 

Play as many of the doodles as you can!

Pangolin Love

As the most trafficked animal in the world, pangolins are endangered and highly endangered. Google has teamed up with the World Wildlife Fund to create a unique game that teaches pangolins how to make romantic gestures around the world. The pangolin will first visit Ghana to learn how to make a chocolate cake, then move on to China, India and the Phillipines to learn about flowers and music. The game is available for mobile devices and encourages players to learn about the plight of these cute creatures and visit the World Wildlife Fund’s website.

A game of this nature is sure to please the whole family. Google has a wide variety of Google Doodle games, and this one is no exception. The objective is to gather ingredients that a pangolin needs to bake a cake to celebrate Valentine’s Day. In addition to the sweet-toothed critter’s quest to make a cake, this one features music that celebrates the holiday.


The first doodle of Google’s history was Pac-Man, a classic arcade game. In 2010, Google released a doodle honoring the Pacman 30th Anniversary of the game. The doodle required users to press a button to insert a coin into the game. Unlike the original, the doodle recreated the game’s graphics, sounds, and bugs, so it would be easy for even children to play.

The original Pac-Man game had a score by Kodama Yuichi. In the Google Doodle, the letters of the Google Wall were rendered in miniature versions of the original game. In fact, it is possible to play all 255 levels of the game in this one game. The 256th level, however, contains a bug that can result in the player dying. The game’s popularity continues to increase with every new level, and Google has a goal of making every game as addictive as the original.


The interactive Doodle of the day is a fun way to learn more about the game of Loteria. This traditional Mexican game is played in the same way as bingo but instead of balls, you use beans to mark your cards. Once you have chosen a card, you must mark it on your board. If you’re lucky, you’ll win the jackpot! There are several versions of the game, from three by three to five by five.

This game first appeared on Dec. 9, 2018 – and it’s been a hit ever since. Today, the game is being brought back to celebrate Loteria’s 106th anniversary. You can play the game fullscreen, and the only trick is finding someone else to play with! Play it in the fullscreen version or on the Google Doodle Archive and see if you can find a friend!

Slalom Canoe

If you’ve played one of the Google Doodle games before, then you probably know what Slalom Canoe is all about. In this game, you’ll be steering your canoe through gates and navigating a fast-flowing course. You’ll also need to watch out for frogs and rocks that may get in the way of your progress.

Another Google Doodle game that’s gaining popularity is Hurdles. In this one, you’re an athlete who must jump over obstacles to advance. To control the speed of your leaps, use the left and right arrow keys, or press the Space bar. Jumping into obstacles does not end the game, but it slows down your speed. To beat the high scores, make sure you keep your distance.


If you are fond of basketball, you can try your hand at this interactive Doodle game by visiting Google’s website. The game has two modes, one of which requires a mouse click, while the other requires you to use your keyboard. You can play the first game by using the space bar, while the second one is played by clicking the mouse button. The best part about this game is that it is free to play and has no ads.

Another game you can play is the one for the 2012 Summer Olympics. Basketball is a simple game in which you shoot a basketball with the help of a hoop and you have to score points to advance. If you score at least three points, you’ll get an additional ball. The game has a time limit of 30 seconds, so you’ll need to make sure you play it carefully.

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