Visit Pakistan at its top eight eye-catching places

Visit Pakistan at its top eight eye-catching places

Visiting different places to get adventure and fun is natural to human beings. Do you also love to visit different places like Mountains, forests, lakes, plains, waterfalls, masjids, museums, deserts, rivers, etc. other than these if you are interested in archaeological and Buddhist sites or in history, culture, traditions, and many more than Pakistan is the one best country that encircles all these places in its homeland. Here in this article, we will introduce you to the top ten beautiful, adventurous, and attractive places in Pakistan that will make you feel out of this world. 

Most beautiful Visiting Places in Pakistan 

Pakistan is the best country blessed with a number of lovely and gorgeous places. It is a land gifted with four seasons and marvelous places. Each place has its own beauty during its specific season. Let us have a brief look over these places one by one, and get to know about the uniqueness of these places. 

  • Swat Valley
  • Naran Kaghan
  • Badshahi Mosque
  • Neelam valley
  • Mohenjo-daro
  • Fairy meadows
  • Khunjerab pass
  • Margalla hills

Swat valley

Location: This valley is located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. 

View-worthy time to visit: during the months of April and May

The actual eye-catching beauty of Swat Valley can be seen completely in the town of Kalam. This is one of the most beautiful places to be visited in Pakistan. If you are really a true visitor never miss to visit Swat Valley. The valley is always equipped with beautiful weather and visitors can enjoy running, horsing, hiking, and a natural environment with fresh air surrounded by high mountains. 

Naran Kaghan

Location: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan.

View-worthy time to visit: during the month of April to September is the best time to visit Naran and Kaghan. Before these months the mountains and roads get fully blocked with snow. 

These are two astonishing places in Pakistan that catch thousands of tourists and visitors throughout the world. One can enjoy multiples of eye-catching views and beautiful scenes that admire the soul. If you really love nature never miss visiting Naran and Kaghan. It is fully equipped with snow covered mountains and there are floors fully covered with snow, especially in the winter seasons. The rivers and lakes at Naran Kaghan are also worth seeing. 

Badshahi Masjid

Location: Lahore; Punjab province of Pakistan

People who love to see architectural work can find Badshahi masjid as the best place. This masjid is an outstanding representation of the Mughal empires. It was built in 1670 and, therefore is the best historical place to be visited in Pakistan.

Neelam valley

Location: Northern Azad Kashmir

View-worthy time to visit: during the months of March to October the valley provides thousands of beautiful and unforgettable sceneries that admire the tourists. 

Neelam Valley is the most romantic and loving place to be visited especially for couples as well as for families. It encloses peaks that are almost 13,000 feet into the sky. There are several mind-blowing flowing streams, lakes looking like a river, luxuriant forests, and eye-catching views. 


Location: Sindh, a province in the southeastern part of the country

People who love to visit historical places can find Mohenjo-daro as the best place in Pakistan. Visitors and tourists can immensely enjoy the ancient civilization at this place. 

Never visit the place in the middle of the day. As it is too hot that time.

Fairy meadows

It is somewhat magical and the most attractive place in Pakistan. People who love to enjoy adventures along with fun can find fairy meadows as the best place to visit. It is challenging and somewhat risky to reach fairy meadows but once at the destination, it provides the best look of Nanga Parbat which is the world’s 9th highest mountain peak. People can enjoy jeep rides, hiking, mountain climbing, etc. This can be done only by professionals and experts. 

Khunjerab Pass

Location: Gilgit Baltistan (Kashmir)

It is a Pakistan-China border crossing that is enclosed with highly tall peaks and grassy fields. People can enjoy taking photos, selfies, and making videos here. It is the highest paved border crossing in the world. Giglgit baldistan is also famous for its glaciers, lakes, and valleys. It also possesses a unique background of culture, history, landmarks, and people.

Margala Hills

Location: Islamabad, Punjab province of Pakistan. 

People who love hiking and running can find this as the best place to visit and enjoy. It is a very adventurous place for tourists encircled by a number of high mountains. 

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