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What are the duties of an insurance underwriter?

Every insurance company, large and small, has its own set of underwriting rules that must be followed by all of its employees in order to function as a successful organization. Evaluating the risk factors of a small independent company or individual before issuing an insurance policy is just one very important duty that an insurance underwriter must perform on a daily basis.

Analyze customer information

In order to fully investigate the risk of a prospective client prior to the issuance of a substantial insurance policy, an insurance underwriter must analyze the client’s background in detail. The underwriter analyzes the client’s age, family background, and current health problems using the insurance company’s analysis software.

Report Writing Duties

After the underwriter has evaluated the risks involved in issuing an insurance policy to an individual or a corporation, he or she will need to write a comprehensive report. These reports are typically created using database software that is already installed on the insurance company’s mainframe computer. These reports are concise and show a complete list of the clients’ future risk factors, as well as the underlying reasons why the insurance company should or should not insure the individual or entity.

Internet Research Homework

Individuals and businesses in need of insurance policies may sometimes try to withhold or hide pertinent information regarding the statistics behind the issuance of a policy; this is done until the insurance underwriter conducts an internet search. This type of research involves accessing the web and searching through various research websites that may yield important information involving the potential customer’s driving records, credit scores, and other vital statistics.

Duties of an Administrative Assistant

Since insurance companies work hand-in-hand with other insurance agents, sales staff employees, and data entry clerks, it is necessary for insurance companies to help with administrative tasks, such as filing, taking some phone calls and entering customer information into a database. These tasks involve searching through client file records and then handing them over to insurance agents so they can see where the client lives, along with other information, as well as making phone calls to potential clients with regarding whether or not the insurance policy can be drawn up.

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