What Are the Things that Parents Need to Know about Singapore Secondary Schools?

What Are the Things that Parents Need to Know about Singapore Secondary Schools?

A usual secondary school education in Malaysia can last for around five years, and the age of the average student is around 13 years. Most students in Malaysia will receive secondary school education till they are 16 or 17 years old.

After you select a Singapore secondary school for your child, you must prepare them for the secondary school experience. You can assist your children in adjusting to the daily routine of attending school or ask them about their concerns. In Singapore, most parents are encouraged to visit their children’s schools. In this guide, you will know some of the most important things about secondary schools.

What is a Singapore Secondary School?

A secondary school in Singapore is an institute that offers secondary education to children. Secondary education is important for your child in most countries, especially in Malaysia, to prepare them for higher Malaysian education in the future.

Difference between Secondary and High Schools 

You will not find any secondary school in the United States, but you can consider middle schools and high schools as part of secondary school. This is because, similar to a Singapore secondary school; these are offered after a child completes elementary school. In most English-speaking schools, secondary school is equal to high school in the United States.

This type of school is usually defined as the preferred schooling after elementary school, and in the US, it would indicate grades 6 to 12. When a student reaches grade 9, they are called a high school student.

The Age Group of Secondary in the Best International Schools in Singapore

You will find that at most Malaysian secondary schools, children enter school at the age of 13. It is important for your child to take part in secondary school education in Malaysia. Children are usually in secondary schools for around five years, and there are two levels of secondary education, namely lower and upper secondary. 

What is the Importance and Benefits Provided by Secondary Schools to Students?

The best international school in Singapore that provides secondary education to students are important due to the following benefits it provides:

●  Secondary school education is necessary as it introduces your child to many more advanced and relevant subjects that can help lay a good academic foundation after they leave school.

●  It allows your child to develop their communication and social skills further.

●  A secondary school is where your child will likely create long-lasting friendships and find people who share the same interests.

●  They will also be given a chance to develop concentration, multi-tasking and time management skills that can help your child work as a team.

●  Secondary schools will also provide your child with the opportunity to take part in extracurricular activities that will make them aware of their passions and interests.

●  They will also be able to grow mentally, emotionally and physically as a human being should.

What is the Secondary School Curriculum in Malaysia?

At the best national schools, students need to take necessary subjects like History, Geography, Math, English, and Bahasa Melayu at a lower secondary level. After undergoing the PT3 exams, students can choose to enter either the Science, Arts or Vocational stream.

At the best international schools in Singapore, students are required to sit for the IGCSE exams. An international school in Malaysia can select more than 70 IGCSE subjects and offer them as combinations to students. Students need to take at least five subjects other than some compulsory subjects. Cambridge IGCSE focuses on applications of critical thinking, knowledge, English skills and cultural awareness.

The Types of Secondary Schools

Secondary education in Malaysia is a means of continuing primary education, and it includes lower and upper secondary. Normally, a secondary school is equivalent to a high school in the United States and grades 9 to 12 in the States are a part of secondary education.

National schools that the government and Chinese vernacular schools fund also offer the KSSM curriculum of Malaysia. There are many private schools that also offer a national curriculum that has a smaller size of classes along with many facilities. Some of the best international schools in Singapore offer international secondary education curricula that are famous worldwide.

How Can You Apply for a Secondary School for Your Child?

For national schools in Malaysia, you can apply for secondary education for your child via online booking. If you want to enroll your child in international schools, you can directly contact the school for application. For the best international schools, you will need to pay a registration fee and also an assessment fee. If your child is eligible, you will need to pay the admission fees and the tuition fees.

Final Words

Whether you want to opt for a national, private or international Singapore secondary school, you need to ensure that your child meets the eligibility requirements. You can fill out the application form for your child online and pay all the fees required for secondary education online.


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