What Makes Sapphire Special – Interesting Facts

The trend of wearing sapphire jewelry during weddings is growing slowly among young couples. The intense blue hues of sapphire make it a more elegant gem than other kinds of gemstones. If we talk about hardness, the sapphire gemstone is harder than other gemstones with a rank of 9 on the Mohs scale in terms of hardness.

Sapphire gems come in different kinds and colors. You can prefer a sapphire ring over a diamond ring to gift your wife on the 1st or 2nd marriage anniversary or birthday. In this blog, we will discuss amazing facts about sapphire and its colors, and so on.

Meaning of Sapphire

Before we move on to the interesting facts of Sapphire, let us understand the meaning of the name of this stone. Sapphire gemstone gets its name from the Greek word Sappheiros and the Latin word Sapphirus. The meaning of both of these words is Blue.

Before the invention of sapphire gemstones, these terms were used to define semi-precious gemstones such as Lapis Lazuli. This is another kind of stone having a beautiful blue color.

Interesting Facts About Sapphire Gemstone

Here’s the list of some amazing facts about Sapphire gemstone that you would love to hear:

1. Colors of Sapphire Gem

What color is sapphire? A common answer to this question is Blue. We all know that Blue is associated with Sapphire stone. But this gemstone is also available in various other colors. You can find sapphire in several hues such as pink, yellow, white, teal, orange, green, fancy colors, and so on.

Many people today choose white sapphire gemstone because it is affordable. You can also go for pink or yellow sapphire stone if your budget is high.

2. Symbol of Royalty

For years, sapphires have been chosen by royals and rich people. The deep blue shade of Sapphire stone is loved by kings, queens, and royal people. In ancient times, many kings used to wear sapphires as they believed that this gemstone protected them from enemies.

Princess Diana had a sapphire engagement ring of 12-carat. This ring is now worn by Princess Kate. It is the most precious sapphire in the world.

3. Pink Sapphire is Very Rare

You can easily find a blue or white sapphire but not pink sapphire. Pink sapphires are very rare and they are known as padparadscha.

These rare sapphires are mostly found in Sri Lanka and are transported through Sri Lankan rivers. Some rare pink sapphires have an orange touch to them. The word Padparadscha comes from a Sinhalese word that means a lotus flower. 

4. Color-changing Ability

Many of us do not know that sapphires actually change colors when kept under sunlight. Sapphire gemstone has a unique ability to change color under different types of lights. Blue sapphires may change their colors to deep violet in incandescent light. However, color-changing sapphires are very rare in the world.

These color-changing sapphire gems are found in various countries such as Tanzania, the USA, and Cambodia. The value of these stones is determined by factors such as the ability to change colors.

5. Evaluation of Sapphire’s Price

Several factors are determined while evaluating the price of sapphire gems. The most important factor to determine the price of sapphire is the color. The most expensive sapphires are cornflower blue sapphires. These valuable gems come from the heavenly land of Kashmir in India. They have intensely saturated color that increases their price.

Normally, blue sapphires are mined in large sizes that make them valuable. The most expensive sapphire was sold for $17 million and above. This sapphire was 392.52 carats.

6. Cannot Be Destroyed Easily

While other kinds of gemstones might get damaged easily, a sapphire gem is harder than other types of gems. It has a rank of 9 in terms of hardness on the Mohs scale. Sapphires are not only beautiful but also hard. Apart from that, the sapphire is also a naturally occurring gem. So, it is not possible to scratch or destroy a sapphire easily.

You can scratch a sapphire gem only with a naturally occurring item. Because of its hardness, people often choose a sapphire gem to design their wedding or engagement rings. You can also wear sapphire jewelry daily as it is durable and hard.

7. Multiple Uses of The Gemstone

We all know that sapphire is used in making various pieces of jewelry. But it is also used in many other areas. Many sapphires are used to make watch crystals for costly Swiss watches. They are used in many Apple watches.

This precious blue-colored stone is widely used in creating things such as durable windows, scientific apparatus, and electronic wafers.

8. Chemistry of The Gem

Corundum gives a deep blue color to Sapphire. When iron is combined with titanium, it gives a classic blue sapphire gem. Traces of chromium can easily turn into pinkish-colored stones. Chromium gives sapphire a reddish color like that of a Ruby stone.

9. Powerful Gem

Sapphire is a beautiful gem used in making jewelry. But at the same time, it is also a very powerful stone with numerous benefits. Many cultures believe that sapphires have heavenly powers. Kings used to wear sapphire stones during wars to protect themselves from enemies.

The blue color of sapphire is associated with heaven. In the middle ages, Europeans used sapphire stones to cure eye-related problems. They also believe that sapphire blessed the wearers. Sapphire was considered a symbol of faithfulness, strength, and nobility in the olden days.

Final Words

For centuries, kings, queens, and even common people have loved sapphires. They all had different beliefs about this gemstone. We discussed all the amazing facts about Sapphires, their colors, and their chemistry.

Today, you can find many earrings, rings, and pendants in real or fake sapphires online. These sapphires are also found in many local jewelry stores. You can pick an engagement ring in blue or any other colored sapphire to make your important day more special.

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