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Now, you can automate WhatsApp your event for various registrations, ticketing, engagement, communication, and even feedback. It makes on-site and online event management easier. You can get numerous benefits with WhatsApp automation.

Some of the major ones are below.

5 Benefits of Using Whatsapp Automation for Your Events

5 Benefits that you can get with Whatsapp Automation for Events are as follows:

1. Make Event Registration Highly Effective

The emergence of smart event solutions have made the registration aspect of events super easy. You can use WhatsApp for event tickets and registration for your event more effectively. Moreover, you can create an online registration page for paid and unpaid events. The best WhatsApp Business solution offers an M-Badge-based QR Code that can be helpful in conducting a paperless event. Attendees can easily register and get an M badge ticket for your event that they will show while entering the events.

For instance, it is similar to when you book an online ticket for a movie and get an e-ticket with QR that they can scan to give you entry. It will work the same way. Also, you can personalize these M Badges with initials & photos or make them non-transferable.

You can collect feedback from the attendees after the event with these WhatsApp Business solutions. Also, you can expand the community by creating interesting group chat and call opportunities over WhatsApp.

You can even cater to the queries of online users, attendees, and other potential customers. Create a WhatsApp Based customer support and offer them an easy solution for all their queries and troubles online.

2. RSVP Management Like Never Before

You can use the QR code-based Digital Invitations on WhatsApp. It can be helpful in making effective RSVP management. Moreover, you can offer a great experience to your guests.

Also, you can send a direct invite to all the users you want at your event via WhatsApp. In addition, you can collect confirmation from all the attendees on the WhatsApp chats.

You can add a complete invitation list to your Whatsapp over the mobile phone. Also, you can manage the whole adding, elimination, and whatnot on your mobile WhatsApp.

Also, you can manage the +1 with the guest in real-time at the event smoothly. WhatsApp solution for events makes such management seamless for the hosts and event manager.

3. Share Event Ticketing Easily

You can create digital tickets for the events with the right WhatsApp Business API provider. The attendees can receive the booking receipts over Email, SMS & WhatsApp.

There will be no physical tickets required. You can scan the attendees’ QR code-based digital tickets and let them enter the show.

You can get control over the event with the live stats shared with you over WhatsApp. Moreover, your event will be easy to reconcile without any leakage and pilferage.

A) Better User Engagement

You will get complete freedom and unlimited chances to manage customer conversations efficiently. Here are the various ways that can be helpful in better user engagement.

B) Push Notification:

You can share the push notifications or conversations with all the attendees before, during, and after the event.

Attendees can get automated designed messages over the different stages of their journey to the event.

You can save your time & efforts by replying to every attendee separately. Just add the custom replies for frequently asked questions on your WhatsApp account.

C) Database Marketing:

You can reach and build a proper conversation with potential customers. Recall and boost sales with promotional messages.

You can build various campaigns for the event audiences based on customer attributes. Use rich media, such as images, videos, PDFs, etc., to elevate campaign performance. Also, you can add interactive message templates, like CTAs & Quick Reply buttons, to your conversations.

Also, you can monitor campaign performance stats from the no. of messages Sent to Delivered to Read to Replied.

You can use the discounts & offers, back-in-stock alerts, and non-transactional messages to alert the customers.

4. Live Engagement

You can ask questions to your audience directly via WhatsApp. They can connect with the event moderator and answer in real-time.

Also, you can conduct live polling on WhatsApp over running event discussions.

You can collect feedback from all the attendees in real-time via WhatsApp.

Also, you can create and send digital agenda to the event attendees.

5. Easy User Support

You can use WhatsApp for event registration, but also it can provide an exceptional digital event helpdesk. It makes it easy to provide customer support and manages 1000s of customer conversations with WhatsApp.

You can collect constructive post-event feedback from all the event attendees with the power of the WhatsApp Business API provider.

So, these are the various advantages you can get by integrating WhatsApp into your Live event. It can make your event easy, from registration to ticketing to communication to engagement to feedback.

Hope, you will find this article beneficial to know all the benefits of Using Whatsapp Automation for Your Events!

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