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Corporate Intranet Portal

Do you really need an intranet?

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? This is an issue that is still debated by many in the world, and is being discussed in the tech world as well. Which came first, the Intranet or the Internet? Honestly, none of these issues matter. There are more related questions in the modern world, such as whether your company really needs an corporate intranet portal.

The difference between an intranet and the Internet can be technically complex, but conceptually relatively simple. While the Internet is made up of countless networks around the world, an employee intranet solution is (hopefully) a secure web portal within a single organization. Every company in the world probably needs the internet to survive. Can it be managed without an intranet, or is it just as important?

Is your business always on the same page?

Having all employees in the same room makes it easier to communicate information to them. You know they heard because you told them directly. The problem is that it is impossible to tell each employee individually. Other options: Bulk emails, posting on office bulletin boards, or posting announcements over the intranet. On the Corporate Intranet Portal, all employees belong to the same network. It works almost as well as in the same room.

They don’t even have to be in the office. According to a Forrester study, 29% of the global workforce is mobile, with 905 million tablets expected to be in use by 2017. Employees are increasingly reliant on mobility, and cloud-based employee intranet solution make them look like them. Whether they’re telecommuting from the rest of the world, working with clients, or just working from home, they’re still in the office.

As long as you go through the corporate intranet portal, you are guaranteed not only to keep it in your email inbox, but also to view important messages. Plus, features like live chat can help you feel connected and easily identify your employees.

Are your employees having difficulty working together?

Communication is often the key to proper collaboration among employees. Live chat is a great way to simplify communication. You can use your smartphone to quickly find out when new emails arrive, but you still need to open your email client and reply in long form. Intranet-based live chat allows employees to talk to each other instantly.

This isn’t the only place where email is missing. The tried-and-true method of emailing parts of a document or project may work, but it certainly isn’t. Intranets focus on centralizing everything so employees don’t have to rely on one person to access team projects. After all, missing one part can cause the entire project to fail. If all employees come to work every day and are very reliable, this may not be a big deal. However, with an Employee Intranet Solution, you usually don’t have to worry about not being able to access documents hidden in employee inboxes or computers when you’re sick at home.

There are also many built-in collaboration features to facilitate teamwork and facilitate collaboration. Project management and collaboration software solutions built on the intranet give employees access to tools such as forums and company wikis. Not only do these foster new ideas, but they also make it easy to communicate company policies and instructions to new employees. Of course, new hires will most likely need to be trained, but if they encounter a problem with a former employee, they will be given a guide so they can find a solution.

Search and find

We already mentioned that documents are not locked in employee emails. Corporate intranet portal document management provides a solution to this problem. However, the same system also has advantages such as wasted paper, printing costs, and the physical storage required to store company documents. This has the potential to eliminate the infinite stream of physical copies of documents from copiers.

The real beauty of this centralized storage is in the form of search. The best employee intranet solution software options include a search feature that makes searching documents and records very easy.

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