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The cowboy headwear is in iconic western accessories, grabbing mass attention. It is more than a fashion accessory and has a practical side. It has become a personal item, which reveals the story of style and passion. You must learn about the different categories of cowboy hats and the best ways of wearing them if you want to create something original and appealing. The different varieties of cowboy hats amaze you with their discrete entreaty and eye-catching features. However, you must know the best ways of choosing them to create the right impression.


  • First, know what a cowboy hat is

First and foremost, you must understand what cowboy hats are. These are also called cowgirl hats and western hats. However, all these are synonymous. These wide-brimmed headwear protect the cattlemen and ranchers from the weather elements. Yes, laborers and workers used them when they headed for outdoor activities. Hence, their practical domain is well-established. However, things have changed; cowboy hats help create distinct fashion appeal today.


Though individuals have used this wide-brimmed headwear for centuries, the modern use of cowboy hats has changed drastically. Since its inception in the 1860s, cowboy headgear has stayed in style and created a place in the fashion industry. The fur-felt headwear, coming with a tall crown and straight side, stirs fashion in the world. Hat wearers have improved the overall design and durability of cowboy hats. Moreover, cowboy hats’ fashionable and waterproof features do not go unnoticed. The cowboy headgear has evolved over the years, and different styles of this hat have grabbed mass attention.


  • What not to miss out on when selecting cowboy hats? 

Well, now you know what cowboy hats are. So let’s get to the next part. The correct cowboy hat will suit your personality and match your overall appearance. Thus, you must consider your head size and face shape when shopping for a hat. You must follow a proper method to find the best headwear that suits your personality. These are as follows:


  •   Choose the hat shape: Before choosing the headwear, you must determine the face shape. For example, people with oval-shaped faces may select any category of a cowboy hat. However, the same is not the situation with round-shaped faces. The narrow and long faces must look for hats with medium height and a narrow brim. Individuals with square faces may wear headwear with a curved rim and round vertical. On the other hand, individuals with heart-shaped faces may choose hats with shorter brim and teardrop shapes.


  •   Measure the head: After looking at the face shape, now it’s time to look at the head. Cowboy hats come from multiple manufacturers; each has its design and look. These are reliable; you cannot lose sight of your head measurement. For this, you may look at the size chart available with different retailers and manufacturers of cowgirl.hat. On the other hand, you may also use a measuring tape and place it on your forehead to get the numbers right.


  • What are the outfit options with cowboy hats? 

Cowboy hats are available in multiple styles and are appropriate for every event. You may wear black color cowboy hats for the formal occasion and straw hats for the informal event. You may pick cowboy hats that have a classic appeal to wear with the traditional western wear like a double-breasted suit.


On the other hand, if you desire to create a modern look, you may go for the textured cowboy hats because they go well with boots and sneakers. People conventionally wear cowboy hats with button-down shirts and blue jeans. Hence, it all depends on your sense of style and personality as to how you mix and blend different options to create something unique and eye-catching.


  • What to learn before unleashing the inner fashionista? 

You cannot lose sight of hat etiquette when wearing different headwear styles. You must realize that you can never reveal the interior of the headwear when handling it. Moreover, you cannot wear your hat when entering a building or a church. The moment you enter an event, the cap comes off. More so, you have to remove the headwear when you are indoors.


You may place the headwear if you are heading towards a formal occasion, but the same is not the case with an informal get-together. You have to show respect to an older adult by taking your hat off and wearing the right hat for the specific season. These are a few significant points you have to bear in mind when styling yourself with different styles of cowboy hats. Hats can blend with your outfit if you style them appropriately. If you do not style your business with hats, it will not look fascinating.






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