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A rug can effortlessly transform any room it’s placed in. Not only do rugs transform their space (i.e., change the mood and look of a room), but they also act as an additional piece of artwork—especially when you use luxury rugs to style your home.

Modern homes today no longer have to come carpeted, which means that people can move into a new home and then decide the type and number of rugs to buy for the home. A lot of people buy rugs for a lot of reasons and one of them is to improve the aesthetic of the home.

In this article, we’ll be looking at why rugs became an additional piece of art in homes, today.

Rugs enhance your decor

When people think of ways to improve the decor of their homes, they often think of rugs. Why? It’s simply because rugs come in a variety of colours, materials, designs, and shapes. There’s always a rug for everyone and every home.

For instance, a bright or whimsical coloured rug can be used to make a bold statement while a traditional or neutral patterned rug can simply be used to perfectly complement a room. In terms of contrast, you can place a light rug on a dark floor and vice versa.

In addition, rugs can warm up any room as they are a sure-fire way to add texture and colour. A rug can anchor a room, help in layering the room’s decor, define it, as well as add warmth.

Unknown to many, a graphic modern rug can create a world of its own and it is used to showcase our furniture while an old (or vintage) rug creates a theatrical feel that can be further enhanced by painting a soft hue on the wall or print on the home textiles and curtains.

Rugs are inviting to visitors

Call it whatever like: a foyer, an entrance hall, an entryway, etc. It’s the space between your well-thought-out home and the great outdoors—and anyone who decorates their home themselves knows that it’s usually not easy to style.

The good news is you can use rugs to style those sections of your home. However, you’ll have to consider the natural elements as well as the style of your home when choosing a rug.

Although entryway rugs are a great way to make your guests or visitors feel welcome, most of the time, tenants are barred from placing them outside their door. If you can’t place them outdoors, then nothing can stop you from placing them indoors. Having a small rug that says “Welcome” just inside your home is a great way to greet your guests as they enter your home.

An entryway rug is usually the first thing your visitors or guest will come in contact with upon arriving at your home. Hence using a stylish or well-designed rug will surely catch their attention and would make them want to explore other areas of your home.

Rugs can be used as artwork for the floor

The contemporary rugs you’ll find in online stores today look more like paintings than ever before—from brushstrokes, squiggles, and wiggly stripes to wild abstracts, sketches, doodles, and even prints. There’s no limit to what a designer can do with a rug.

Rugs are literally a work of art, the only difference between this type of artwork and other types of art is that they are designed to be walked on. A bold patterned rug can be placed in a room to create a focal point for the room’s décor. If you can place your rig in the right shade, it can tie together the colours of your furnishings and drapes.

In addition to that, stylish and beautiful rug designs (luxury rugs) are being hung in the walls of homes as a form of wall art.

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