Top 6 Reasons To Become A HGV Driver

Doing the HGV training course and becoming a driver are among the best things for various reasons. For starters, HGV driver jobs are in demand, and they can help people to step in the door of a reputed company. Becoming an HGV comes with sets of benefits, which makes this job well worth seeking as they usually offer benefits that we will go through in this post.

The current severe shortage of HGV drivers is bad news for customers but excellent news for individuals seeking employment in the industry. Employment opportunities for heavy vehicle drivers (HGVs) are abundant right now, and it’s worth looking into one because of all the perks that come with the job. Let’s get to know more about it in detail.

What Is The Role Of An HGV Driver?

As an HGV driver, you will be responsible for the safe shipping of goods around the country. The job role is as follows:

  • Supervising or helping to unload and load goods.
  • Operating up to 7.5 tons of commercial vehicles, along with rigid trucks, tankers, trailer wagons, and transporters.
  • Driving short or long distances.
  • Ensuring that loads are secured.
  • Completing delivery paperwork.
  • Securing updated logbooks.
  • Following traffic reports and getting familiarised with the routes.
  • Lifting and carrying products. 
  • Performing basic maintenance such as tire, oil, and brake checks.
  • Spending some nights away from home during the long-haul deliveries.
  • Working from a vehicle and covering long distances in a cramped space.

The Benefits Of Being An HGV Driver

The logistics industry plays a significant role in enhancing the country’s prosperity. It also allows for a better standard of living and greatly contributes to the national wealth in its way. HGV drivers are central when it comes to the success of the logistic industry. Without the HGV drivers, there would be no logistics, skills, and vital roles that drivers have to fulfil. Let us now look at some of the best benefits of an HGV training course.

  1. Lots Of Work

One of the primary critical conditions of any job is whether that particular job role provides enough work to help you make a better living. Once you have completed your HGV training course and attained the licence, you will be eligible for several types of driving jobs. It is also a future-proof job as the requirement for an HGV driver will always be in demand. The digital era may have even assisted in one way or another. For example, more and more people are ordering online, which ultimately increases the demand for faster delivery.

  1. Job Security

As mentioned above, the logistic industry will not be out of demand soon. A good driver with a valid HGV licence will always be in demand. It is also not a sector that fluctuates as much as other sectors when it comes to the needs of an HGV driver. The demands are always constant.

  1. Flexible Working Hours

Undoubtedly, we all have a different way of living and responsibilities that people have to work around. For this reason, the conventional 9-5 job is not suitable for all. The benefit of pursuing an HGV training course is that you can choose the desired working hours that will also fit around other aspects of life.

  1. Varying Job Roles

You will have the choice of whether you want to work for a company or alone on a self-employed basis. Both types of job roles come with their own sets of disadvantages and advantages. If you are independent, you can choose desired working hours. However, if you work with a company, you may also have the chance to be in the running for company bonuses along with paid holidays. To keep things interesting, you should know that not all drives will be identical. You can be sent to all types of different areas while on duty. Sometimes, doing a long-distance trek will be the game name, other times, it can be a local delivery.

  1. Travel

Being out on the road as an HGV driver will allow you to visit places you have never seen. You will visit places you never visited, revisit those you like, and experience the ever-changing scenery. You can experience it all while being paid to do your work.

  1. Work Freedom

Another great benefit of the HGV training course is that an office job or another job involves being still for hours. However, some people feel restrained and would instead do a job with little freedom, such as becoming an HGV driver. With HGV driving, you will be in control of your job without needing the supervision of a manager questioning all your moves.

Doing an HGVtraining course can provide you with several opportunities, and you can choose the job role you like. If driving is your passion, you will love this job, and doing the HGV course will provide you with a job you love. Enrol in the course today to explore the possibilities that it can offer you. Get in touch with the best training institute offering learned courses by skilled professionals. Enrol today and achieve more.

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