TubeRanker: The Essential YouTube Rank Tracker for Content Creators


YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine and an essential platform for content creators looking to build an audience and monetize their work. However, with over 2 billion logged-in users visiting YouTube every month, the competition for ranking highly in YouTube search and suggested videos can be fierce. This is where TubeRanker comes in.

What is TubeRanker

This is a robust rank-tracking and SEO tool designed specifically for YouTube. It allows creators to track their video’s rankings for important search terms, analyze how their video ranks against the competition, and optimize their video SEO and meta data for better rankings and more views.

Some of the critical features include:

  • Rank tracking for YouTube video rankings in search and suggested videos
  • Competitor benchmarking to see how your videos rank against others
  • Ranking history to identify ranking trends over time
  • SEO optimization tools for improving video metadata
  • Google keyword research integration for finding high-search, low-competition keywords
  • Channel audit to identify SEO issues impacting overall channel authority

Why Rank Tracking is Crucial for YouTube Creators

Rank tracking may seem like a minor issue, but it is essential for any creator looking to be successful on YouTube. Here’s why:

Maximizing Views from YouTube Itself

YouTube searches and suggested videos drive a massive amount of views. Ranking highly increases impressions and viewership. Tracking ranks reveals if optimization efforts are working.

Identifying the Best Keywords

Not all keywords are equal. Track rankings to find which keywords drive the most traffic and double down on optimizing for those terms.

Benchmarking Against the Competition

See how your video ranks against competitors and what they are doing better from an SEO perspective. This allows you to leapfrog them in rankings.

Improving Search Visibility Over Time

Rank tracking shows if you are gaining or losing ground in rankings over weeks and months. This helps identify issues early.

Regular rank tracking provides the data needed for an effective YouTube SEO strategy.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using it

It is also designed to be simple and intuitive for all users. Follow this step-by-step guide to start tracking and optimizing your YouTube video rankings:

1-Enter Your YouTube Channel URL

The first step is to enter the URL for the YouTube channel you want to track rankings for. Once you add your channel URL, It will automatically import data on all your existing videos. This gives the tool the baseline information to track and analyze video performance.

When entering your URL, be sure it is the channel home page URL that shows the list of all your videos. This allows TubeRanker to index your channel fully.

2-Select Keywords to Track

Next, TubeRanker will suggest relevant keywords to track based on your video titles, descriptions, tags, and other metadata. Carefully review the suggested keywords and choose the specific terms for which you want to track rankings. It’s best to focus on keywords that are currently driving lots of views to your channel or that you are actively optimizing your videos for.

As a rule of thumb, aim to track between 10 and 20 core keywords so you can focus on ranking improvement for those essential terms. Don’t just select generic keywords. Make sure you are tracking rankings for your most important and relevant keywords.

3-Run Your First Rank Tracker Report

Once you’ve entered your channel URL and selected your target keywords, it’s time to run your first TubeRanker rank tracking report!

The initial report will show your current YouTube video rankings for the keywords you are tracking. It will also benchmark your videos against top-ranking competitors. Most importantly, you can see what search terms are already driving traffic and which ones your videos are underperforming for.

4-Optimize Your Videos Based on Insights

Carefully analyze the insights from your first TubeRanker rank tracking report. Identify areas where your videos can be better optimized for the keywords you want to rank for.

Some elements of YouTube SEO you can tweak based on the rank tracking insights include:

  • Video titles and descriptions
  • Video tags
  • Transcripts and closed captions
  • Thumbnails
  • Metadata in the video info section

Make incremental changes to optimize your videos for target keywords and search intent. Improving SEO is an ongoing process, so don’t try to overhaul everything simultaneously.

5-Rinse and Repeat!

The work continues after running your initial TR report! You need to monitor rankings consistently to see if your optimization efforts are paying off.

Aim to run fresh TubeRanker rank tracking reports every 1-2 weeks. Check if your top keywords have climbed in rankings or new ones have started gaining traction. Make any additional tweaks as needed.

Consistent and ongoing rank tracking is essential for a successful YouTube SEO strategy. Don’t just run one report and forget about it! Regularly monitor TubeRanker rankings to maximize your YouTube video performance.

Using it consistently over the long term will yield the insights needed to reach those coveted first-page rankings!

Additional Tips for YouTube SEO Success

Beyond using TR for rank tracking and optimization, here are some other quick tips to improve YouTube SEO:

  • Optimize video titles for search intent by including the keyword in the beginning.
  • Write thorough video descriptions rich in keywords.
  • Add relevant tags and use all 500 characters.
  • Engage viewers – likes, comments, watch time boost rankings.
  • Promote your videos outside of YouTube to build links and social signals.
  • Upload videos consistently – search algorithms favor active channels.


In summary, It is an invaluable tool for any creator looking to improve their YouTube video search rankings, benchmark against the competition, and increase their overall views and subscriber growth by tapping into YouTube’s powerful platform. By providing valuable rank tracking and optimization insights, TubeRanker gives creators the edge to climb to the top of both YouTube search and suggested videos in their niche. Incorporating TubeRanker as part of your overall YouTube SEO strategy and marketing pays dividends.

The combination of TubeRanker’s tracking and optimization features and innovative SEO best practices will put your channel on the path to YouTube search dominance!