Top 7 best SEO tools for beginners

SEO tools
SEO tools

SEO is a process of improving your any website search result visibility on Google, Bing and others search engines. Now SEO is most powerful field to improve your businesses and digital marketing. Some new beginner wants to seek SEO and want to understand fully. According to this they should need to know about SEO tools that must necessary in SEO field. So In this article, I will tell and explain these SEO tools that how must these necessary and how these tools can helpful for SEO Beginners. We also discuss about free and paid tools. I will show the pricing and plan of paid tools also.

Paid SEO tools

1.     Ahrefs

Ahrefs is an online web tool that Crawl or track your website all over performance such as Traffic and keywords, Domain authority (DR), Ahrefs rank (AR), Referring domains etc and much more. It also tells the website errors that you must need to improve.  It also guides and gives some tips to improve your website performance in search results.

Using method

Ahrefs is simple to use by using in your browser. Ahrefs is basically a paid tool but you can check your website domain rating free there. It is also free for the website owners, if you have own website that you that you can track your website free by limited credits. But this offer only for one website that you have own not for others. In other case you need to purchase Ahrefs Plan.

Here is the some Ahrefs plans

Lite plan: Starts at 99$ for each and best for small SEO business and your own projects
Standard plan: Start at 199$ for each excellent for Marketing and SEO strategies.
Advance plan: Starts at 399$ for each month good marketing teams.
Enterprise plan: Starts at 999$ each month best for agencies and enterprises.

Note: Additional taxes are applied according to your country.

2.     Semrush

Semrush is also an American online platform that track and analyze your website to improve Seo performance. It may functions like, site traffic and keywords, domain authority, and also tells information your websites backlinks. It has most used for Keyword research, Backlinks tracking, Site audits and for competitive analysis.  Semrush is most useful tool in seo field because it helps to improve your website search result visibility.

Using Method and plan

You can use semrush in your any browser. Semrush is a paid tool so you need to purchase some plan to use it. It also provides 10 clicks free credits to its user. You can check daily 10 website traffic, keywords and competitor but you can’t check your Whole website audit without paid membership. So you need to buy some Semrush plan mention below:

Pricing and plans

Pro plan: Starts from 129.95$ each month for SEO beginners and small teams.  Features like 5 projects, 500 keywords report, and 10000 result per report.
Standard plan: Starts from 249.95$ each month for agencies and medium businesses. Features like 15 projects, 1500 keywords report, and 30000 result per report.
Business plan: Starts from 499.95 % each month for big agencies and enterprises. Features like 40 projects, 5000 keywords report, and 50000 result per report.

Important information: You can refund your payment of any plan by Semrush refund policy in 7 days. After 7 days you will be not able to refund your purchasing payment. Plans prices can be change in future. So, for updated plans prices visit semrush official website.

3.     MOZ

Moz is also a web tool for webmasters to improve their website seo. It is all in one seo tool. It help to discover keywords, optimizing content, track ranking and also help to adapt best strategies and fix technical issues in your website. MOZ is most popular and use of every SEO expert.  MOZ provide information, Guide, case studies and latest trends in SEO field. MOZ has played an important role in shaping  SEO strategies for beginners and also for SEO experts. MOZ  academy also provides online courses to cover many aspects of SEO and digital marketing strategies. These courses are more helpful for beginners and professionals to create knowledge about SEO principles and Strategies.

Pricing and plan

Standard plan: Starts from 79$ each month also if you buy standard plan on yearly base you have to billed 837$ yearly and you can save 352$ by buying this plan for year. This plan best for beginners to starts And understand SEO basics.
Medium plan: Starts from 143$ each month also with this plan you can save 635$ by buying this plan on yearly  base. You have to billed 1512$ for yearly subscription of this plan. It best for Keyword research and help to grow your starting business very well. It is also a most famous MOZ plan.
Large plan: Starts from 239$ each month also can save your money by buying this plan on yearly base. Best for agencies and for large business industries.
Premium plan: Starts from 422$ each month also save money by buying on yearly base. Yearly price is 5710$ and you can save 2128$. Good for Marketing teams and SEO focused agencies.
MOZ seo tool

4.     Screaming Frog

Screaming frog Seo spider is most powerful and famous website crawler and also website auditing tool that help you to make your ranking better in Google. It  can analyze your full website and tell you the website issue for improvement. Some of the basic features of screaming from is On page SEO analysis, URL structure or redirects,  Internal link analysis, Duplicate content detection, Website content grammar and spelling issues, Broken link identification, XML site map generation, page speed insights, custom reports, regular updates and much more etc.

Pricing and plan

Screaming has free and premiums version. Free version is consisting of limited feature. But in premium version you have access to unlimited resources of Screaming frog. Sreaming frog premium plan starts from 259$ per yearly. For using Screaming frog  you have to download screaming frog official software in your pc from Screaming frog official website.

Screaming frog SEO tool

Free SEO tools

1.     Google search console

Google search console(GSC) a very valuable tool  for digital marketers or website owners to improve their search engine performance and ranking. It also knows as a Google webmaster tool which is most helpful for website owners to Speed up their performance on search results. Because Google search console specify websites issues and suggests tips to solve these issues. GSC has many features which we discuss below.

Features of (GSC)

Indexing insights: GSC provides detailed information that how google bot is interacting with your website. It monitors the indexing status of your pages and posts. Also tell you issues of page that stopping your page to being index in Google. By knowing these issues in indexing, you can improve your search result visibility.

Keyword analysis: It also helps to know that which keyword drive traffic to your website. Google search console provide an overview of keywords that leads users to your pages, along with impressions, clicks and average position.  It also tell that which country users visiting your website.

Backlinks analysis: GSC alsomonitors the backlinks linking to your website. Tell about linking domain and top linking pages also tell about the internal linking structure of your website.

Sitemap submission:  Google search console also allow you to submit XML sitemap directly to Google, helping search engine to understand the structure of your website.

Site performance metrics: Website speed and page loading speed performance also an important factor in  SEO.  It also checks the speed performance of your pages and also gives suggestion to solve the issue that Lessing the speed of your website.

So, Google search console  is a complete health kit for your website. It is totally free SEO tool and also easy to use for beginners and professionals SEO expert. Without GSC tool you can’t run your website effectively in search engines.

Google search console SEO tool

2.     Google analytics

Google analytics is a high authority tool provided by Google that allows websites owners, digital marketers to track  their website performance and instructions with users. It provides detailed information about your website visitors.


Traffic sources: Google analytic provide detailed information about where is your traffic coming from. It include organic search, paid search, direct traffic, referral traffic, and much more.

User demographics: Google analytic track the user location, language, and devices to understand your website visitor data. It helps to make powerful SEO strategies to improve your Search result visibility more and more.

Bounce rate: It also analyze the bounce rate of your website that how much a user spend time on your page and how we can improve our website bounce rate.

Content taking part: Track user engagement with specific pages  and content on our website, Provide information about popular pages and areas that may need more improvement.

E-commerce tracking:  Google analytic also is a helpful tool for online business, it track the E-commerce transactions, insights and product performance and customer behavior.

Site speed analysis: It also help to know the page loading speed of your website and tell the areas that should be need improving for best user interaction and get ranking in Google.

Mobile analytics: You can also track your website performance and engaging visitors on your mobile devices.

Google analytics available in free or premium versions (Google analytics 360). The free version is for small business and for website owners. So, free version is valuable and useful for beginners.  Premium version has some addition features and best for large enterprises and agencies.

Google trends is a free and useful tool for keyword research. This is tool is provided by Google own, so you can feel the importance of this tool. Google trends provide detailed information my Google search queries. This tool is best for individuals, Businesses and marketers also.


Relative search volume: Google trends show the popularity of search term that helps you to gain high volume keywords.

Compare multiple keywords: You can compare the popularity of different keywords.  It helps you to choose most real event keyword.

Time-based analysis: Identify the seasonal trends in search result. It helps you to change your content strategies with change of time.

Specific country target: Google trends also to provide information where a keyword is most popular. It helps to target specific country audience.

Google trends SEO tool

Final words

SEO tools play an important and crucial role in online businesses and website optimizing strategies. It helps website owners and digital marketer to work effectively in today marketing industry. SEO tools helps users to make confidence decisions based on their website performance. SEO tool cover the all aspect of SEO field like On page , Off page and technical SEO. So, you have needed to understand the basics of these tools.

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