Wpit18 – Is this legal and safe?

If you have interest in superb online events, then it is important for you to know about and WPC. Here we debate all the valuable information about this event. You need to place one thing  in mind that everything and events  have their own positive and negative aspects.

We will try to clear all the gains and losses of Wpit18 and WPC.  Let me describe that what is Wpit18 and WPC?

Know about Wpit18 and WPC is the main website where the Philippines people  register himself for the WPC

Events where  the philippines people organize interesting “cockfights” with each other after registration.WPC is an abbreviation which stands for World Pitmasters cup. arranges this event and after this people can participate in it.

Successful and safe

Every event held by the department makes somes rules and regulations to make the event successful and safe. So remember, if you have interest in participating in this event you need to follow the basic instructions and main rules set up by manegment.

These are some basic instructions you need to follow.

  • First you have to register in Wpit18 for WPC.
  • A specific day will be announced by the department after the registration.
  • There will be a crowded area whenever this event is held.
  • After this you are allowed to watch the rooster fight live on ‘

Registration method of

If you have a burning question, how can you register yourself for this event? We want to make it clear that there is no hard work for the registration or login on You have followed these important easy steps for the registration.

  • Visit the official webpage of
  • Enter the “username” and “password”.
  • Sign in to your account.

After signing in your account you are allowed to watch an amazing “Cockfight”.

If you have no account already, then you have to contact the official group of this event.

Here is the way to contact the official group.

  • Visit the main web of WPit18.
  • Click on “contact us”.

Is Wpit18 and WPC is secure and official

Harming of a natural animal and birds is against the living world in many countries.Most of countries have banned the WPC events but the rooster fight lovers make a way to watch cockfights. During the rooster fight some irritating occurrences such as bleeding happen.

Sometimes the rooster dies by bad hits by other roosters during fighting. In this case the other rooster  wins. Generally users don’t think about Wpit18 being legal or illegal; all they have to notice is that it is unethical. Two innocent animals wrestle with their life and death and the people are enjoying it. How can people be delighted by this type of stuff?

Benefits of the

Everything and any events have advantages and disadvantages. Here I am describing some advantages of

  •  The main webpage of this website is simple and easy. We can use all  the features of Wpit18 easily and without any difficulty.
  • is a safe and secure webpage. It saves your personal information.
  • The registration method of this event is very easy.
  • This website is also legal and safe in some countries.

Can we watch Wpit18 event on any other webpage

If you are thinking that you can watch WPC live on any other webpage. So we want to make it clear that you can watch WPC live only on the main website of this event. Which is

Final words

Animals and birds are entitled  to have a peaceful lifestyle. In my opinion, we should take care of animals and birds fighting with each other and not let them with one another. Due to animal rights violations many countries have banned it .The life of your rooster is not safe if you are participating in this game, so think many times before participating in it.