6 Essential Things Animation Companies Need To Know To Quote Your Project

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We all read and hear that you must collaborate with a professional company for your video project almost every day. But is that all? Once you find a reputable company, your work is done? Not really. 

In order to create a successful animation video that conveys and converts, it’s a must to follow a few essential steps. For instance, provide all the essential information to your video animation company so it can create a video that meets all your needs. 

Every project is unique, but there are a few standard sets of inquiries to ensure an accurate estimate.

In order to provide a price range, video production companies need the following information.

  • TYPE

The video “type” – how do you see your video appear? – is a wonderful place to start if you’re unfamiliar with the technical aspects of video production. The foundation for your idea is now starting to take shape. Most videos can be broken down into the following three groups:

Live-action videos don’t use CGI but use actual people in the roles (either people or actors).

Video animation: These kinds of productions make use of design and motion graphics to bring to life elaborate scenarios, characters, and ideas.

With this information, creative animators are able to translate client requirements into engaging, cinematic sequences of animation.


If you could provide a link to a particular film or commercial, that would be very helpful for the company. Perhaps a rival business has put out a video ad. Perhaps you found yourself enamored with the show’s title sequence while watching a new Netflix original. Anything can serve as a source of motivation.


Location(s) can have a huge impact on the cost of a live-action original film. Where exactly are you delivering this story? In someone’s living room in the DC suburbs? Or the video animation company will be visiting classrooms all around the country? The fees are location-specific. They also think about venue permissions and fees in addition to travel and on-site costs (if required).



The length of the video is as crucial for animated and mixed-media works as the location is for live-action ones. Storyboarding, visual design, and animating each frame of a motion graphics sequence take a significant amount of work. The time difference between 30 and 45 seconds can be huge, depending on how complicated the animation is.


The video production services are frequently in combination with other social media-friendly outputs. Think about some of these other factors as you prepare your rollout strategy:

  • Many organizations are experts at finding and removing GIF-worthy moments from your video shoots for usage online and in your marketing efforts.
  • While scheduling your video shoots, they may also arrange for a quick photo shoot to capture high-resolution stills for use in print and other media.
  • Short videos are great as various social media sites have different time limits they desire. 
  • A sticker, like a GIF, is a translucent, looping picture that can become a part of daily conversations, messages or Instagram stories.


And your budget is one of the most crucial factors to have when making a quote. It may seem counterintuitive, but having a general idea of how much money is available helps speed up the process of coming up with ideas and a proposal. 

Creating an Effective Corporate Video for Your Organization

Now that you have a price estimate from the production company, it is time to create an effective company video.

Ad campaigns in the modern day are almost entirely comprised of videos. As much as one-third of all time spent online is spent watching videos, it makes sense for 87% of businesses to incorporate this medium into their marketing plans.

Marketers in the present day rely heavily on videos. A third of all time spent online is spent watching videos, so it’s no surprise that 87% of marketers use this type of material in their strategy.


There is a wide variety of alternatives regarding the types of corporate videos the company may produce. 

  • Talking Head: The talking head is a common video element in media like news reports and documentaries, so you’ve undoubtedly seen it before. It is a wonderful technique to engage with your target audience as well as let them put a face to the brand. The catch is that you need to know how to act naturally in front of a camera. Here is a sample of our video work that depicts our take on the classic “talking head” format.
  • Promotional: The production of a commercial advertising a new product or service may be your first thought while getting ready for launch. To generate interest in your product and differentiate it from the others, explainer videos are a great medium. Take a look at this great video we put together to generate interest in a pending PPV bout between two fighters.
  • Explainer: If you haven’t thought about making an instructional or “explainer” film before, you should. We think it’s really cool that after watching these films, buyers are 85% more likely to buy your goods. If your product or service is complicated, an explainer video might be the best way to show it to potential customers. 
  • Testimonials: As this testimonial shows, reviews are quite influential. According to a recent study, 89% of marketers believe that client testimonials are useful. Video endorsements have a 40 times higher chance of getting viral on social media. Through in-depth interviews, we were able to produce an impactful video that brought our client’s satisfied clientele closer to their preferred software development company.

When deciding what kind of film would be best for your business, the help of a video production firm would be invaluable.


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