What To Look For When Buying A Phone

Several factors can make you buy a new phone, but you have to choose wisely, so let’s figure out what to look for when buying.

Phone with NFC

Last but not least, there are a few small features that can be easily overlooked when choosing a new smartphone. For example, it could be NFC. It stands for Near Field Communication, and most phones have such a chip. It allows you to pay with your smartphone and quickly establish a connection with gadgets that also have it. Keep in mind that even an expensive phone model may not have it, so check this point before buying.

Water resistant phone

Another specification to look out for is the IP67 or IP68 rating. This is a seal of protection that many phones carry and indicates that the device has been tested for water and dust resistance. But even if it is, and water gets inside the phone, you will most likely be denied warranty repair. Remember this. You should not dip such a phone in water, but you should not worry about rain. Even if you fall into the water, most likely, nothing will happen, but you should not tempt fate.

Even serious protection is better treated as splash insurance. but definitely not to swim with such a phone.

Phone with headphone jack

We should also pay attention to a trend that has been observed in the world of smartphones for several years – the death of the headphone jack. The vast majority of new phones coming out these days don’t have the port anymore, but there are still those dissenting manufacturers who keep offering it. Wireless headphones are not very expensive these days, but if the connector is important to you, keep that in mind.

Also, try to choose a phone with a USB Type-C connector for charging. So, it will be more versatile, and you can charge more devices with one cable.

Now I am not talking about the need to look at the price, because you have probably already decided on it. Then it remains to choose within an acceptable price range. The main thing is to correctly prioritize for yourself, and then you will make the right choice.

Do I need to buy a phone with a large battery

Battery life is not the most interesting topic to talk about smartphones, but it is one of the most important components. Your phone may have the best display and processor, but if it doesn’t make it to the end of the day, then who needs all that?

Manufacturers choose a variety of batteries, but there is an opinion that the more the better. There is even an unspoken general rule. If you buy an Android phone, then the capacity must be at least 4000 mAh. As phones move to larger displays with faster refresh rates, they need more and more power. In that case, smartphone honor all mobile price in ksa is a reasonable option to avail.

The main thing to remember is that the more productive the phone, the bigger the battery it needs. But as the size of the battery increases, so does the size and weight of the case. After all, the battery is the heaviest part of the design. Also, smartphones with a large screen always have a larger battery, but you will not get a proportional gain in autonomy due to the greater consumption from the enlarged screen. 

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