Revealing Artificial Intelligence: How it’s creating the new world?

Artificial Intelligence

Today, most people see artificial intelligence (AI) as a magical technology that requires people’s understanding of how it works. They think and see AI as relegated to the specialists who have mastered AI and dazzled us with it. But the truth is, AI has no magic in itself. The term AI was introduced in 1956 and since then the technology has progressed so far and re-emerged. That’s where we find ourselves today, AI is like new electricity that’s actually becoming more accessible to all and it is enhancing the business ways around the world. 

If we notice the indulging role of AI in different technologies, for instance, in smartphones and social media. These are embedded with AI in terms of facial recognition and many more AI-dependent functions of technologies. The AI-based car has also covered the market in developing countries. Undoubtedly, it is taking over every industry. We will shed light on some innovations and facilities that are making human life easy with Artificial Intelligence.

Facial Recognition:

Facial recognition is one of the most demanded things of this era. It is remarkable, advanced, and valuable in terms of biometrics that is a most important and authentic verification of a person using facial features in an image or video from a database. So, it is one of the front-runner applications of Artificial Intelligence. Face recognition also used AI algorithms to detect human facial features from the background. There’s a specific process of this detection. It basically starts by searching for a human eye, followed by eyebrows, nose, mouth, and nostrils. After capturing all the facial features, it further goes with additional validations by using large databases which confirm that it’s a human face. 

There are many techniques, for instance, feature-based, appearance-based, knowledge-based, and template matching, and each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. 

Looking ahead, there are some challenges in the way of AI, and there are some gaps in knowledge, as our knowledge of concepts of intelligence. The knowledge gap that our minds have in actuality, will surely drag down the timeline of AI. But after all these, technology has more accelerated and advanced ways; it has the ability and potential of being the rapid and innovative period of mechanization felt during the industrial revolution. Another big thing is that the internet has brought innovative and dramatic changes in our daily communication. 

AI and Security:

AI has a crucial role in improving society through data storing, maintenance and security. While working with data, it’s critical to consider people’s ethics and privacy. Within a short period of time, AI is ruling over the world in various contexts. It has increased and sharpened the understanding of human reasoning and the nature of intelligence in general. It has also provided an impressive array of applications in a wide range of ideas. So, at the same time, it has disclosed the complexity of human reasoning by providing advanced technology ideas and rich challenges for the future. 

Social Media Giants:

If I took examples of Facebook pages or Twitter accounts, it gets started with creating a stream of links that anyone could consider for posting. It lies under the category of Post intelligence’s assistance, also called Pi. In terms of drafting a post, Pi will tell and make a prediction that how well your post will do. It will also provide the scheduled time. Pi also offers an analytic approach to see how a post did and also tells about its marketplace of making money through sponsoring the post. It also examines the engagement data from Facebook and Twitter. People of every age use these applications.

It uses AI to predict the performance of a post based on various aspects and also to surface the topics that will do well with your followers. 

Role of AI during covid:

In today’s era, people see artificial intelligence as a prodigy. They wonder if there’s no outer world for them except that which is somehow true. Various people in some settings didn’t agree with the statement but as time passed those people proved erroneous. For instance, if we take an example of a recently passed event the most popular one covid – 19. I’m pretty sure no person could claim that he or she didn’t know about it or about its symptoms. We all know how terrific it turned out for us. Just think for a while if there were no artificial intelligence what we all were supposed to do at that time when we were not allowed to see our loved ones. Not allowed to go to workplaces, or educational institutions, not allowed to buy food for us or dine-in. What was the thing that connected us at that time? Of course, you all know the answer. 

Artificial intelligence worked for all of us. We stayed connected via online interactions. Although no one ever thought to face such pandemics and life could be this harsh to us. But only the internet was the way out to save the economy as well as the career of every particular child. We get introduced to different apps like zoom, skype and many more. 


Artificial intelligence connects people who are far away from their families in remote areas for job concerns or degree concerns. They can have a video and can feel the same way when they are together. Numerous apps are available for video chatting. The magnificent thing about the internet is it doesn’t charge you at the next level, it is convenient for everyone no matter if the person belongs to the elite or lower class. They do have different packages from low to high so everyone could have the chance to move according to the current era.

Role of AI in Education:

Artificial intelligence is like the open mystery box whoever has the charm to get into it, can. For instance, if the students of this era ever feel unconvinced doing their home task. All they have to do is open the internet, search for the topic, and there they go. They don’t have to wait the whole day for the next class in order to get things cleared from their instructor. They could do this on their own. By adding more students also learn from the animations, movies, and different app games and the terrific thing is that sometimes they’re acquiring without even knowing. They learn in a fun way. like just by turning on the subtitles of any animation or movie you’ll learn new words it will for sure enhance your vocabulary.

Automobiles: Driverless cars:

Computer vision and deep learning have enabled self-driving cars to become a reality. CV detects what happens in the car’s immediate surroundings using high-resolution cameras and sensors. As a result, automotive systems are better able to react to potential obstructions and avoid collisions. Of course, a CV is insufficient. The auto system also needs to be trained in accordance with traffic laws. This is where machine learning plays a vital role.

Deep learning is a cutting-edge AI technology that works in a similar way to the human brain. Every piece of data (in the case of self-driving cars, data collected by the vehicle’s sensors) passes through the multi-layered neural network, allowing for considerably more extensive image analysis. Carmakers may attain a significantly higher level of intricacy and accuracy with this method. In practice, self-driving cars are extremely intelligent and can function in congested areas. Who knows, in future, AI will revolutionize aeroplanes too.

Artificial intelligence in decision-making:

Data processing functions such as trend analysis and data crunching are performed by an AI platform rather than a human entity in AI decision-making. Businesses can ‘outsource’ complex operations like data crunching, anomaly detection, trend analysis, and sophisticated analysis by entrusting complex datasets to an AI platform. Human resource staff will have more time to focus on other business-related issues as a result of this.

While employing AI to make intelligent decisions makes the process quicker and faster. It fully eliminates the human aspect, which is not recommended. To overcome this limitation, many firms are increasingly merging people with intelligent decisions. In which AI performs all of the work while a person makes the ultimate decision.

According to experts, around 70% of firms will be employing AI technology by 2030, with around 50% of all large enterprises having a full spectrum of AI technologies incorporated in their operations.

Any company’s capacity to create an agile, data-centric infrastructure to make business choices will soon be nearly totally dependent on its ability to do so.

Artificial Intelligence helping in Agriculture:

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being used by the agriculture industry to help produce healthier crops, control pests, monitor soil and growing conditions, organize data for farmers, reduce effort, and improve a wide range of agriculture-related operations along the food supply chain.

Weather forecasting: 

Farmers can analyze weather conditions by using, which helps them plan the type of crop that can be grown. And when seeds should be sown, with the help of Artificial Intelligence. With the change in climatic conditions and increasing pollution, it’s difficult for farmers to determine the right time for sowing seed.

Monitoring system for soil and crop health: 

The type of soil and its nutrition are crucial factors in determining the type of crop planted and its quality. Soil quality is deteriorating as a result of increased deforestation, making it difficult to identify the condition of the soil.

Pests Control: 

Pests are one of the most destructive enemies of farmers’ crops.

AI systems analyze satellite photographs and compare them to previous data to determine whether any insects have landed and, if so, what species of insect has landed (locust, grasshopper, etc.). And send notifications to farmers’ smartphones so that they may take the necessary measures and utilize the necessary pest control, allowing AI technology to assist farmers in their pest-management efforts.


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