Amazon order grabbing scams and websites

There are a lot of people who want to get money effortlessly. They try new and new things. Keep themselves engaged in activities to cheat others and grab their money. This is because of these people who want to make side money that many of the websites are working online that are totally fraudulent. These websites are completely involved in grabbing other’s savings. Be aware of these websites and apps. These websites attract users by offering interesting bonuses on signing in. People get captured in these offers and with further proceeding, they get grabbed. 

Amazon, the most popular online shopping platform is also undergoing a scam that is misusing Amazon’s name and deceiving people. 

Some common Amazon order-grabbing scams

There are a number of Amazon order-grabbing scams running in the market. One should be highly cautious in providing any sensitive data, personal information, and passwords online. Few of these scams include;

Phishing Scams: 

This is one of the scams that is working online to grab the users it sends fraudulent emails or messages showing that they are from Amazon. They ask for your credentials, log in details, credit card information, or other personal details. These fraudsters are experts in various tactics to grab you and convince the users to provide sensitive information.

Fake Order Confirmations: 

This is another way of Amazon order grabbing. In this, the Scammers send fake order confirmation emails, sometimes calls, and usually messages. Within these messages, the scammer claims that you have purchased a product from Amazon. Usually, these emails or messages contain unwanted links or attachments that on clicking start downloading some malware or viruses, etc. that later on help to retract the user’s personal information.

Unauthorized Third-Party Sellers: 

There are also some Unauthorized Third-Party Sellers in the market that assure their connection with Amazon and then later on they cheat the user. 

They can do that in so many ways like selling forged products or being unable to deliver the purchased items.

Fake Reviews: 

There are also a number of websites that generate their own fake reviews about the authenticity and beauty of the purchased product that had never been purchased. This is just to grab the audience and increase their customers. In this way, they try to 

Improve the ratings and reputation of their products. 

Some of the order-grabbing websites

There are several order-grabbing websites available on the internet. These sites provide commission on each order grab from famous and popular shopping sites like Amazon, Wish, Shopee, and many more. Few of These websites are 

  • Rakutenshop, 
  • Shopkick, 
  • Topshop 360, 
  • OMG Burse

How to stay safe from these Amazon order-grabbing scams?

Staying safe from these types of scams nowadays is very necessary. Otherwise, a little mistake in online purchasing can lead you to a big loss. In order to keep yourself safe from all these scams while shopping on Amazon or any other online platform, here are some very important tips to be remembered and followed

  • Always be careful about voluntary emails, calls, and messages, especially those requesting personal information, bank details, credit card transactions, or financial details.
  • Never click on suspicious links and never try to download any unwanted new or deliberate attachments from unknown sources.
  • Always check the email address and contact details of senders. And beware that the Legitimate Amazon emails typically end in “ Spend less. Smile more..”
  • Keep on checking your bank transaction details and statements regularly for any unauthorized or unknown charges.
  • Always undergo the two-factor authentication of your Amazon account to avoid any scams or cheating. This ensures an extra layer of security for its users so that they can use the site safely. 
  • Read product reviews and seller ratings before making a purchase. But they may not be helpful always as they can be self-generated to grab the audience. 
  • If you have undergone or captured any of the suspicious activity or scam immediately Report to Amazon’s customer service.


It is true that on one side online shopping business and purchases have made one’s life easy . but at the same time on another hand it has also made customers prone to fraud and scams. It is important to get to know everything about the website before making any transaction and before giving any financial details. 

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